Granite Countertops: Top Reasons Why People Love Them


There are various materials used for kitchen countertops. Most people choose granite over other materials for plenty of good reasons.

Tough and durable

Granite is next to diamond when it comes to the hardness of natural materials. Proper installation will let your countertop last for a very long time. People replace their granite countertops as a matter of choice and not as a matter of need. Granite is popular for its resistance to chipping, scratching, heat, and cracking. Granite chips and cracks are easy to fix. A hot pan placed on the countertop will not damage granite as it would laminate, wood, and other materials.

Easy to maintain

Proper installation of a granite countertop ensures it is well-sealed. Leave the installation to an experienced professional. The granite countertop will resist staining and bacteria when sealed according to guidelines. Cleanup is very easy with soap and water. There is also a cleaner available for granite. Make sure you clean up any mess at once to keep the counter surface looking great throughout the years.

Adds aesthetic value

Granite has plenty of wonderful qualities. Its stunning beauty is one of the reasons why most people choose it over other materials. Granite counters stand out most because of their striking appearance. Granite has a textured beauty that has gentle hues. Very few other materials can surpass its natural appeal and beauty.

Boosts home value

New granite countertops make any home more attractive. They also boost the home value and your investment return can go as high as 100%. You increase the home market value by spending. Potential buyers often consider homes with granite countertops as a priority choice.

Long-term investment

As mentioned above, granite is very tough and durable. Countertops of this material can last for over three decades. There is no need to replace granite countertops as often as you would other countertops. Granite lasts twice as long as quartz or soapstone in some cases. Granite countertops are a very cost-effective solution in the long-run.

There are many companies that let you visit website to check their countertops. It is best to browse through their products first before you visit the actual store if you plan to do so. If you plan to order online, make sure you have done proper research. You can check customer reviews and feedback to get an insight into the quality of service and products. Although ordering online is convenient, it is best to see the product for yourself before you buy it.

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