8 Tips For Setting Up An Energetic Workplace


When our laptops and mobile phones run out of battery, we charge, but what about ourselves when we are down and out at our office? What is the best solution to improve the energy of all your employees and keep them motivated throughout the day?

Feeling tired or exhausted at work is not something new as 90% of employees have to deal with work stress and meeting deadlines, leading to loss of concentration or reduced productivity. There are various exercises or activities which you can bring into your workspace to keep your employees energetic hence improving their productivity. In this blog, we will discuss eight tips on setting up an energetic workplace effectively.

Small changes can bring a huge difference

Most health experts would recommend you check your daily routine to help them understand where you are losing most of your energy. For example, if you are skipping your breakfast when you are late to the office, it can make you tired and lethargic, or you are addicted to caffeine or smoking, which is stopping you from achieving your professional goals.

When you consult a health expert, they will ask you to pen down your energy-draining activities like a gym, or you have to carry a lot of energy-draining exercises you will have to reduce them to improve your energy. A recent study conducted in 2018 also proved that employees who spent their lunchtime on a beach or in a park were much happier than those who spent their lunchtime on the desk. Well, it doesn’t mean you can ask your employees to go to the beach or a park, but you can creatively design your café area, providing a comfortable and relaxing environment.

 Selecting the best color pallete

Surprisingly, the color pallete of your office also has a psychological impact on the human brain; hence you have to select the best color combination to ensure that you can promote a worker’s mood through a creative approach. Here are some colors and their effect on the human brain.

  • Orange: Most fitness centers love to have an orange background because they promote energy and enthusiasm among employees. You can use the same colors on cushions, walls, and artwork as it will promote a positive mood.
  • Blue: The color motivates all the employees to improve focus and sense of productivity.
  • Red: According to scientific research, the red color improves blood pressure and heart rate and also promotes healthy collaboration and communication among employees. Red sofa and pillows can be an excellent choice if you want your employees not to spend too much time on the sofa.

Promoting a healthy diet

One of the prominent reasons why most of us get distracted from work and feel tired is following an improper diet. You can switch to a healthy diet if you consume unhealthy food or high caloric food at work like burgers, fries, or oily food. On the other hand, if you are addicted to caffeine or soft drinks, you can go with a sports drink to ensure that you can promote a healthy diet. Moreover, a healthy diet will keep all your employees energetic throughout the day and promote their health and physic.

Regular workout

Well, you can promote the importance of staying fit and exercising daily in your office through a health and awareness program on weekends. Doing regular workouts helps burn calories, and the human brain also releases dopamine during workouts, which keeps our brain active. A healthy mind will automatically promote a healthy body; hence all your employees will feel energized during long work hours. You can also promote fresh fruit juices and sports drinks in your cafeteria which will help all your employees from coming out from the addiction to caffeine and soft drinks. You can also keep a treadmill or build a small workout room where all your employees can exercise before or after work.

Shopping for the right furniture

One of the main reasons we get tired or exhausted while working for a longer period of time before computer screens are not sitting on the right chair or not investing the best office desk that contours according to our body. One of the most common mistakes brands makes they only focus on the office chair priceand not on its features and uses.

Suppose your employees spend the majority of their time on deck. In that case, you will have to invest in an ergonomic chair and height-adjustable desk to ensure that it provides the best back and neck support, reducing pain and increasing the loyalty of your employees towards your business.

Not following the right sleep routine

It is paramount for adults to sleep for 6-8 hours a day, and the amount of sleep time also depends on the type of physical work your employees will perform at work. If your employees have the habit of staying awake till late at night, they will feel tired or drained during the next day, reducing productivity. Therefore, you must promote the significance of having a good night’s sleep to all your employees.

Provide room for green plants

According to recent research, green plants help improve mood and relax the human brain; hence, you can decorate your workspace with plants or fresh flowers. Green plants will also promote a healthy oxygen rate among your employees.


Listening to music can also help release dopamine; hence it can promote a good mood during work. Moreover, music can also help in staying focused at work. We all have favorite songs; therefore listening to them will keep us happy and energized.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also upgrade the lighting fixtures and promote healthy snacks during long work hours. Doing yoga and playing games can also improve focus and keep all your employees energetic at work. There are also customized exercises for specific work; hence you can hire an expert for best results.

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