Driveway Materials: All you Need to Know


If you are planning to resurface your driveway, now would be a good time to take a look at the many options, as it isn’t compulsory to stick to the same material. Here is a list of the popular driveway materials available today.

  • Block Paving – Perhaps the most popular of all, block paving can be seen all over the UK, and for good reason, as block paved driveways look stunning and will stand the test of time.
  • Tarmac – A firm favourite with British homeowners, a new tarmac drive in Glasgow is not as expensive as you might think, and if the ground is prepared correctly, the driveway should last for many years.
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete – You can order just about any colour you wish, and with additives like resin, you can create a unique driveway that will turn a few heads. Concrete driveways stand the test of time and are very affordable, and finding a local driveway specialist is easy if you use an online business directory. You can have a tiled finish, which is achieved by using a diamond-tipped circular saw after the concrete has set, and with a few edging stones, your new driveway will be complete.
  • Paving Slabs – Pavers can make a nice driveway, and whether man-made or natural stone, you can create a very attractive area that will last for many years.

The list is indeed long, and each material has its pros and cons, but whatever you choose, make sure the contractor is experienced.

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