5 Reasons To Have A Patio Installed This Summer


When it comes to adding appeal to your property, a patio installation will work wonders. As we contemplate our next landscaping project, we dream of time spent outdoors and what structure will provide the most comfort. A patio provides your property with versatility and character, allowing you to upgrade or enhance its appearance when you wish.

If you’re looking for a new landscape in your backyard, the opportunities are endless when installing a patio. If starting from scratch, or looking to knock down that deck and create a personalised structure, here’s why you should make the switch.

Space and Design

All of our yards are different sizes. You can choose how big or small you want the installation, and the shape and style that it will encompass. Get creative and design a shape that will make your house stand out for neighbours and guests. Add curves or put in some restrictions through the installation of a patio, and sit back and watch as your living space turns into a comfortable entertaining space.

Plus, when the material is installed, and your ready to enjoy your new yard, think about the décor that will truly make your patio stand out. Bars, grills, furniture, fire pits and outdoor spaces are commonly being incorporated into our outdoor spaces. Schedule an appointment with your Sunscreen Patios Sydney designer to help you make an area for the fire pit, bar area or sitting wall.


You are the designer, and you can make your visions come to life with a new patio installation. There is no design that can’t be completed, and you can be sure you won’t have the same pattern as your neighbours. Complement your yard with a patio that is versatile and eye-appealing.

Easy Maintenance

No matter which material you wish to install—whether concrete, stone, brick or pavers there will be minimal maintenance required for proper upkeep. Stones and pavers need sanding the joints between units to prevent the growth of weeds, but most of the maintenance rests in the removal of debris and sweeping.


The sturdy material used to create a patio will stand up to the changing weather conditions, providing the durability you require. Their long lifespan and resistance to the elements make patios optimal for an outdoor living space. Durable on their own, adding sealer makes them shinier and sturdier, protecting them from the elements like precipitation and UV rays.

Resale Value

When it comes time to sell the home, patios offer an appealing structure that increases the overall value of the property. If buyers like the design, shape and space of the patio, outdoor structures are a great selling point when looking at the details. With the aesthetic appeal of the material, and durability that is seen with patios nationwide, adding an eye-catching pattern will boost the resale value.

A patio is often sloped and allows water to drain away from your home, protecting your foundation. Incorporate a natural look to bring out your personality and visions. Look at the trends for patio installations in your area, and know that you can be as unique as you’d like, no matter the material you choose. With all the benefits and appeal that is found in outdoor living spaces, the time to inquire about a new landscape design is now.

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