Creating a Cosy Farmhouse Kitchen Design


The modern farmhouse trend is still one of the most popular kitchen design concepts in the UK. Many homeowners love this style and look to recreate it in their homes. If you are going to try and create this type of style in your property, you’ll need to work with an experienced professional in your area. There are many companies who specialise in quality kitchen design in North Devon that have the requisite skill and knowledge to help you make your dream kitchen become a reality. When designing a farmhouse kitchen, you must remember that detail is important. So, don’t forget to include items such as:

  • Millwork
  • Traditional style mouldings
  • Casing
  • Trim
  • Vintage décor
  • Reclaimed wood

An experienced kitchen design company will be able to blend modern styles with a rustic, classic look. They’ll mix all the elements mentioned above with current trends to help create a unique design.

Table of Contents

Bringing the Style Together

You’ll obviously want modern appliances and current products used in your design, but you’ll still want to create that rustic look. To ensure you reach your goals, it is important to add pieces such as old family heirlooms and vintage items. Once you’d found some antique décor, you can show your kitchen design expert and work on ways to best incorporate them into your preferred farmhouse design concept.

The key to building a farmhouse style kitchen is to create an illusion of an old-age room, this can be done using clever design features like hardwood floors, exposed beams and farmhouse sinks.

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