9 Tips When Choosing the Right Property Management Company for Your Rentals


You may hear that investing in real estate is one of the best things you can do to secure your financial future. Lots of people earn a lot of money from owning rentals, however many of these people don’t manage the property on their own. A lot of the property owners actually have Rental property managers to help them manage the property and make sure that it’s generating income. Choosing the wrong rental property manager can make you lose money if you aren’t careful. To help you make the best decision, here are 9 tips to help you choose the right property management company.


You don’t want to work with an old school company who doesn’t know how the new market works. If the rental property managers are up to date, then they’ll know tons of stuff about your community and how the industry works to this day.

Check Out The Other Properties

Instead of checking out reviews, check out the properties that the company manages. This will help you get a good idea of how they manage their other clients to see if they’re right for you.

Get a Copy of the Standard Lease

Documents are very important in real estate. Ask the company for a copy to see if there are no flaws, up to date with tenant laws, addresses all of your concerns, etc.

How Many Employees They Have

It’s important to make sure the company has enough staff to cater to your needs. Compare their client to employee ratio to see if they will efficiently manage your rentals.

Ask for a Written Proposal

If you want to know if the company is serious, they will either offer you a written proposal for your business relationship or you can ask for one. You want to see what the company will be responsible for and what long term plan they have in mind for you.


You want the company to be able to show off the properties at almost any given moment. If they are flexible with time, more potential tenants will be able to view your property and hopefully rent from you to generate income.

Declare Responsibilities

Besides creating a written proposal, the property management company should be very clear with you on what their responsibilities are. This will help you know they have to handle and when you would have to take matters in your own hands. This will also help you know whether you are getting your money’s worth from them.

Tenant Screening

You should find out how they screen their tenants because you never know who could be a scam artist. It’s better if the property management company is more strict with their screenings.

Handling Owner and Tenant Funds

This another very important factor you will want to consider. You want to make sure that they can handle the funds of you and your tenant well without issues. You can check reviews of the company to find out more.

By following these 9 tips, you will be able to choose a great property management company to help you get tenants for your rentals.

Rental property managers can save property owners from a ton of headaches. Contact Continental Realty Management today and let’s discuss how we can be of service.

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