Unclogging Drains: Why DIY Isn’t Your Best Option

Although nobody loves living in a home with clogged drains, these essential home installations still clog. Moreover, their clogging can increase exposure to bacteria, mold, and microbes. Consequently, these microorganisms also expose households to many chronic health issues.

But clogged drains aren’t a death sentence or a finality. Although some homeowners think they can unclog drains independently, it’s trickier and riskier than they initially anticipate. This post shares reasons for choosing professional help instead of ineffective DIY alternatives. Read on to learn how a professional plumber can help you achieve satisfactory and lasting results.

  • You Might Be Treating Symptoms

Clogged sinks, showers, and toilets might be symptomatic of bigger underlying problems. You might think that unclogging your shower is solving the problem when it’s a spillover of a sewer line blockage. This is usually true when all or several drains have block simultaneously. You can also detect an underlying problem bathtubs or shower drains are backing up.

Therefore, call an expert to unclog drains in your home because clearing a single pipe might help nothing because sewer line clogs are deeply entrenched in the plumbing system. It’s still possible to worsen the problem while attempting to solve it.

  • Most Over-the-Counter Chemicals Don’t Work

Some DIY lovers assume that most over-the-counter remedies work. The truth is that most of these chemicals don’t work as people assume they do. Most solutions aren’t designed to unblock stubborn blockages lying deep in your plumbing system. They may just postpone the problem by offering you temporary relief.

Further, some of these chemicals contain hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. The problem here is that these corrosive acids damage your system’s pipes, garbage disposal, and sinks. Also, these poisonous products can significantly threaten your children’s and/or pet’s lives. You need to be careful how you store them to avoid disaster in your home.

  • Safety is Paramount

Cleaning your drains also carries a certain risk level you can’t ignore. Therefore, you will need to clear the drains’ surrounding areas and wear protective plastic gloves and eyewear. However, hiring a professional saves you all these hassles because professional drain cleaners rarely use such harsh chemicals. If and when they use them, they are the last resort because they have much non-chemical equipment like plungers and snake tools they use to unclog drains. Therefore, you rest assured that you will get a lasting solution without compromising anyone’s safety.

  • Your Tools Could Betray Your Good Intentions

As initially stated, some drain clogs are symptoms of bigger systemic problems. The challenge here is that you may not know what actually lies below the clog or its magnitude. Most homeowners have a few tools like wrenches and plungers. Unfortunately, these appliances aren’t meant for solving complex clogging problems.

You may end up opening a can of worms by exposing yourself to a bigger plumbing problem your little DIY tools can’t solve. The best side of hiring a professional is that they are fully equipped for the job. Most reputable plumbers have hi-tech tools like endoscopes with cameras attached to snake tools. These instruments enable them to see into clogged drains to identify and remove blocking items without damaging the pipes or pushing them further away. For instance, they can detect ornaments that accidentally found themselves down the drains.

  • You May Not Achieve Permanent Results

Another danger of attempting to clean drains without professional help is that you may not achieve permanent results. You are most likely to end up with the same problem and even at a worse level after a few weeks or months.

  • A Professional Can Detect Hidden Structural Issues

As stated earlier, some drain blockages are symptomatic. Some may point to hidden structural problems your DIY experience or tools cannot detect. Remember, hidden structural issues can suddenly erupt and cause larger system breakdowns. These hidden damages may also require expensive repairs, not to mention they can cause a sudden and catastrophic collapse.

  • You May Not Sufficient Time

Most LA residents live in the fast lane where they have limited time to hustle to make ends meet. Thus, it makes no sense to waste your three or four working hours you could pay a full-time expert to do.

  • Peace of Mind

Lastly, you enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you handed your unclogging project to an expert who will deliver satisfactory and lasting results. You also rest assured that you got value for your hard-earned cash.

There you have it. It’s up to you to use this information to make an informed decision next time you want to unclog your drains.


Things To Remember While Selecting Your Residential Plumbers

Plumbing is a vital concern in every house, and plumbing issues are therefore common. One encounters problems like burst pipes, overflowing bogs, blocked drains, clogged shower, etc. As plumbing issues are required to be resolved as quickly as attainable, you want to keep their contacts at hand. Residential plumbers are skilled plumbers, and they cater to your plumbing wants on time.

Let us discuss a number of the major plumbing problems thoroughly.

How does a pipe burst?

There may be various reasons behind a burst pipe. However, the common problems embody leaks, weakness, and unseen faults. A disaster may happen at any time, so you would like dedicated plumbers to mend the difficulty.

Residential plumbers are experienced plumbers who fix your burst pipes at once. If you ignore this issue, it will cause harm to your bathroom floor, walls, furniture and damage the foundation of your house.

Issues found in the hot water system

Hot water issues will happen in

  • Gas storage tanks
  • Low water heater thermostat
  • Sediment in the water tank
  • Faulty thermocouple
  • Broken heating element
  • Too small water heater for household

Reasons Behind A Drain Blockage

A blocked drain could have numerous reasons. Things like fatty deposits, foreign objects, hair, leaves or alternative natural dust, tree roots, and grease build-up cause blocked drain.

Whenever you notice flooding, gurgling noise within the sink or shower, pungent smell from shops, uncommon water pooling, and slow draining- you must contact plumbers directly.

Things to order whereas selecting the proper pipefitter

With the arrival of technology, it’s not troublesome to seek out the right plumber. You can browse for ‘the best residential plumbers close to me’ and get the list of plumbers. However, it would help if you kept some necessary factors in mind.

  1. Judge the value you obtain from the service.

While hiring any service, the primary factor that involves the mind is what quantity you would like to pay and whether or not the charge is definitely worth the profit, you get. Hiring plumbers of inferior quality might not offer you quality work. Also, the exacting unreasonable rate mustn’t be your plumbers’ catchword. So, you must be cautious regarding the payment.

  1. Quality of plumbing service

Quality is the foremost thing you want for any work you are doing. Cheap, inexperienced, and non-professional plumbers can cause you to call them frequently, and ultimately you pay a higher price. If you rent the skilled one, you’ll get your job done by one appointment.

  1. Get reviews concerning the agency.

Whenever you’re hiring unknown plumbers, you would like to assemble adequate information. Trust builds over time. You can attend their website and check for client reviews and feedback. This method can assist you in recognizing the agency.

  1. Promptness matters

Plumbing problems ought to be resolved at the earliest. Skilled plumbers ne’er delay to mend your systems and reach your home on time.

  1. Check the pledge and certificates.

Some certification marks are essential for plumbers, and confirm your pipefitter has them. More so, make sure the pledge amount they provide.

  1. Compare with others

Never forget to match your chosen pipe fitter with others. You’re paying for the service, and you want to not compromise on your quality.

Some tips about plumbing services

Your chosen plumber should fulfill specific needs. Select the one-stop resolution for all of your plumbing needs. A putative plumbing company must-have services like,

  • Urgent plumbing services
  • Affordable and quick services
  • They must have the skills to unblock drains and pipes
  • The plumbers should bear in mind the technical power of general plumbing maintenance repair
  • The plumbers should be insured and commissioned
  • They have to use progressive instrumentality to figure with taps, taps, dishwashers, and units.
  • The plumbers ought to have the talent of reticulation works and confronting roof leaks.
  • They must have the skills to fix downpipes, soak-well, and rain tanks.


Plumbing issues, sort of a blocked drain, burst pipes, clogged showers are common, and they can happen at any time. Individuals should have the necessary information and knowledge on plumbing before selecting their plumbers. Skilled and commissioned plumbers can solve any plumbing issue with proficiency.


Common reasons for water heater leaking

Easy, safe, and convenient to use, the water heaters are very beneficial to all of us. Most households of today have water heaters to fulfill their heating requirements. In fact, electric heaters are more useful for many people than heating water by using gas. But it might be scary to see leakages in heaters. Be it just dripping water or gushing, you need the help of a professional plumber to check the cause of the leakage. Let us check some of the common reasons for water heater leaking.

For fulfilling your hot water needs

Water heaters are high-efficiency devices to fulfill your hot water requirements. More and more people use it to improve energy efficiency in their homes. There are different types of water heaters, and if you use a high-efficiency one, it uses less energy than standard water heaters. Well insulated, these water heaters can enhance energy efficiency. Even if water heaters can last for years, it can leak due to different reasons. It does not mean you need to replace it. Instead, you can fix the leaks with the help of an efficient plumber.

Reasons for leakages in water heaters

If you find leaks in your heater, you need to check the situation as early as possible. Otherwise, even the dripping of water can cause a huge amount of damage to you. With the help of a plumber, you can find where the leak is coming from. Some of the main causes for the water heater leakages are:

  • Loose drain valve

A drain valve is an easy way to repair and maintain a water heater. Many people use this valve to clean the tank and cause the leakage of water.

  • Too much pressure in the water tank

Since the water tank deals with extremely hot water, pressure occurs inside it naturally. The steam produced in the tank also increases the pressure inside it. The presence of too much pressure inside the tank can lead to crack and loosen parts and ultimately cause water leaks.

  • Internal tank leakage

The tanks of water heaters come with two shells. The shell on the inside part contains the water, whereas the external shells for insulation purposes. Both shells are covered by a layer of metal. If any leakage occurs in the shell inside due to deterioration or age, it cannot be visible easily.

  • Deterioration of old tanks

Overuse can shorten the lifespan of water heaters. Deterioration of tanks can also happen due to age, and rust can develop in them over time. Such problems also cause corrosion and leakages of water heaters.

  • Loosening of inlet and outlet connections

The loosening of inlet and outlet connections can lead to leaks in water heaters.

  • Corrosion in Anode rod

The corrosion of anode rods in water heaters can cause leaks in them.

Nowadays, it might be difficult to find households without water heaters. This equipment is convenient and easy to use and can fulfill your water heating requirements. But if your heater started to leak, it can make you scary. In such situations, you need the help of a professional plumber. He can check the water heater and find the reasons for the leakage and fix the problem.

If you find leaking problems in your water heaters, you can approach ICON Plumbing and Heating to fix the problem. With years of experience in the industry, they have professional plumbers and engineers to solve your problem efficiently.


Quality Plumbing and Heating When You Need it

When the plumbing and heating in our homes or businesses begins to go a bit haywire, it can lead to a number of issues that need to be resolved. Otherwise, those issues can compound and become a serious issue.

Finding quality plumbing and heating in Oakham doesn’t have to be a major task. But it can mean the difference between a job well done and one that needs to be tackled again in shorter order than would normally be necessary.

Total Home Care

The best Oakham plumbing and heating services will be able to handle any potential issues that you are dealing with. This can and should include things such as:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Oil tank installations
  • Bathroom refurbishments
  • Water main repairs
  • General repairs

Don’t let those problems persist any longer than they need to. They can cause obvious headaches but can lead to expensive repairs as well.

Small Leaks Can Result in Big Problems

The key is to not let any potential issues go for longer than possible. Even the smallest of leaks can result in some major, major problems that require extensive repairs. Save yourself the trouble by addressing the leaks as soon as you are aware of them.

With a proper Oakham plumbing and heating company, you can get the peace of mind that you deserve in knowing that things have been done properly. Anything less and you’ll be left wondering whether or not the quality is as good as it should be.


Questions You Should Ask Before Finding Plumbing Repair Contractors

We can all agree that finding a professional plumber for your household is essential. However, you can find numerous certified and uncertified, ethical and unethical companies, and individuals that are operating under the name of professionalism.

The idea is to know how to set the good from bad, and the best way to do is to be as thorough as possible. Of course, you need to ask proper questions to hire a plumber, especially if you have in mind the things we have mentioned above.

Here, we wish to inform you of the best way to communicate with the potential company so that you can reduce the hassle of finding someone that will not help you deal with current plumbing issues.

1.Ask About License

This is the most crucial consideration when it comes to finding the proper plumber for your household or apartment requirements. Remember that you should never forget to ask this particular question, and do not take the word for it.

Many of them tend to operate without proper licenses, which means that they will not get a guarantee that everything will be okay afterward.

You need to know that having a license means that the plumber comes with a particular registration number within the governing body at both local and state levels.

You should click here to learn everything about plumbing in general.

Therefore, you will be able to check out whether they have licensed or not by visiting the local database. Generally, the license means that the plumber has proper knowledge and equipment that will help you deal with the household issue you have.

2.Proper Estimation

Remember that most plumbers tend to offer free estimates, especially for first-time customers. However, you need to specify that estimation is not just a word that will change after the finished project.

If they wish to give you the one over the phone, you should be aware that it is not possible to assess the issue without seeing it in person. Therefore, they need to check the potential job in-person before starting the work.

Only when the potential plumber has seen the damage that he has to deal with, he can provide you the estimation number that will help you determine the overall expenses you should prepare.

You need to be sure that the estimation involves other aspects, including labor, materials as well as a potential contingency, in case other problems arise. Only material costs can spike the price up, which is ultimately something you do not want to consider.

Apart from the estimation, you should know that plumbers tend to add clauses within the signed contract that will include reasonable costs for completion of the job.

However, getting estimates does not mean that you will pay that much because the expenses can skyrocket depending on numerous factors.

That is why you should check out whether the plumber uses hourly rates in combination with material costs or fixed price that will not interfere with working hours. You need to be utterly particular about every single aspect before you make up your mind.

Besides, you should ask when you should make a payment because if the estimation involves some down payment, you need to be aware of it. Of course, if someone asks 100% before the finished job, you should reject him as soon as possible.

Learn how to react in plumbing emergency by visiting this site: for more information.

Some of them work based on milestones, which means that after a particular completed work, you will have to pay a portion. Milestones are better payment methods that are giving everything upon completion because you will have to supervise every single step beforehand.

Time payments are problematic because some plumbers tend to work slower than usual in these cases, with an idea to get more money out of you for the project.

3.Who Is Doing The Work?

Most professional companies tend to employ more people at once, and when it comes to significant projects, they tend to use teams.

Therefore, you should ask the plumber company about the number of people that will handle your project, which will help you estimate the time needed for everything.

At the same time, you should ask about their qualifications and experience, because that is a highly essential consideration.

Similarly, like any other work, plumbing also has levels or degrees of expertise, which is why you need to be sure who is coming over to fix your plumbing issues.


Signs You Need to Hire a Drainage Contractor

The drain pipes in your house carry all of the wastewater from your house and connect to the waste lines. The drain pipes generally connect to each of the plumbing fixtures in your house, carrying all the wastewater directly to the municipal sewage lines. There are a number of different things that can get stuck in the drain pipes, such as:

  • Hair buildup
  • Tissues and wipes
  • Solid items

The reason why drain pipes usually burst is because most homeowners are unable to identify the signs of a blockage. There are several obvious signs that you need to hire drainage contractors in Southampton. Here are a few to look out for.

Toilet Doesn’t Flush Immediately

If you hear a gurgling noise from your toilet every time you flush, it indicates abnormal suction, and that’s a red flag. In fact, it’s a pretty serious thing that can lead to major issues in the long run. If that happens, there’s a pretty strong chance that the drain pipes are blocked somewhere deep down.

Water Takes a Long Time to Drain

If the water from your shower takes a long time to drain, it’s also a clear indication of a blockage in the pipes. It’s recommended that you hire drainage contractors for the job, as they provide comprehensive services at a very affordable price. It’s recommended that you get the drain pipes inspected carefully at least once a year to prevent the chances of a major blockage.


Central Heating Services That You Can Rely on

Depending on the climate that you live in, your central heating can be an essential part of your home. Keeping the house nice and cosy can keep you from feeling the bite of the cold outside that can become problematic without a proper heating system.

And finding a new central heating system in Coventry can feel as if it is a complicated endeavour. But finding a heating and cooling service that provides great quality doesn’t have to be difficult. Ideally, you will be able to find a service that can provide:

  • Boiler upgrades
  • Emergency boiler breakdown service
  • Central heating replacements
  • Central heating maintenance and service

Experienced, registered installers will be able to perform the necessary services to keep your central heating unit working properly for a long time to come. They can also perform the maintenance that can keep your unit working properly.

Most of all, it is a necessity to have the kind of service that can provide emergency coverage. During the colder months of the year, heating shouldn’t be a luxury. Should your central heating go out, having it down for very long can become a serious issue.

The proper service will allow you to get your heat up and running again in no time, keeping you and yours comfortable during even the harshest of winters.

Take the proper steps to keep your central heating unit working properly. Without it, your home could become freezing in short order, creating an uncomfortable environment that no one should have to deal with.


Transform Your Home with Underfloor Heating

It is no surprise that underfloor heating has become one of the most popular home improvement projects in the country. Property owners up and down the UK are starting to realise the benefits of having underfloor heating in their premises. Although there is an initial installation cost, you quickly recuperate this money in the saving you make through being able to lower your energy output. Conventional radiator systems demand more energy, increasing your output and adding to your utility bills. If you are interested in knowing more about underfloor heating, contact expert plumbing services in Eastbourne and speak to a professional.

Here are some ways to find a good plumber and installation specialist.

  • Personal recommendations
  • Ask your favourite tradesmen
  • Local business directory
  • Contact local authorities
  • Online review sites

Read through some of the many benefits of installing underfloor heating, if you’d like to know even more, contact an experienced plumber.

Low Maintenance

Underfloor heating has become so popular because they don’t require any maintenance. This is the case for both electric and water-based heating systems.

Energy Efficient

In comparison to conventional radiator systems, underfloor heating is far more energy efficient. They lower your carbon footprint and help homeowners save money on cost.

More Effective Heaters

Underfloor heating heats your home from the ground up, there are no cold patches. Heat rises through the room, evenly warming every corner. Radiators aren’t as effective due to their positioning.

More Hygienic

Because heat comes from the ground up, it makes the floors cleaner by creating an unstable environment for dust mites and other organisms.


Top 5 Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

There are times when you’ll need to call a plumber for certain issues in your home, but there are steps you can take to ensure the system is properly maintained and running effectively. General plumbing maintenance takes time and effort, that’s why most people don’t bother to do much with their system. If you need repairs or plumbing installation in Bexhill-on-Sea, you’ll find several first-class tradespeople in the area. A skilled plumber can deal with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Clogged Toilets
  • Blocked Sinks
  • Leaking Faucets
  • Slowing Running Drains
  • Poor Water Pressure

To ensure none of these become a constant problem, it is important to maintain your plumbing system.

  1. Locate the Mains

You should know exactly where the mains are located just in case there is a minor mishap and you need to shut off the water.

  1. Drainage Leaks

You can check for leaks by adding some colouring to your toilet cistern tank. If you have a slow escape of water, the colour stain will still be present in the toilet even after about 30 minutes.

  1. Store Replacement Parts

Although plumbing is a trade occupied by specialists, there are some things you can do if something goes wrong. Basic toilet maintenance kits and gaskets can be stored at home.

  1. Don’t Use Chemical Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners may seem like a good idea, but they adversely damage your drains and pipes. To unclog drains, use a plunger or call a pro.

  1. Avoid Frozen Pipes

Keep the heating on low or let a small bit of water drip to prevent frozen pipes.


In Need of a Heating Engineer? Here’s How to Find a Good One

When choosing a heating engineer, there are many things to consider. You shouldn’t just pick up the phone and contact the first company you find. Taking care of your heating system is vitally important, you should have the unit and its components serviced, replaced or repaired by a knowledgeable individual. When hiring a heating engineer in Bridport, you must select someone with a lot of specific experience. The tradesperson should be Gas-Safe registered and willing to present their professional qualifications.

A heating technician provides several useful services, such as:

  • Boiler servicing & repairs
  • Boiler replacements & installations
  • Central heating repairs & upgrades
  • Underfloor heating installation & repair

Professional Qualifications & Accreditations

If you aren’t sure what qualifications a heating engineer should have in the UK, check it out online. The more you know before choosing a company, the better. They should at least have an NVQ qualification if they are working in the industry. In addition to theory, it is sensible to hire someone who has many years’ experience. If anything goes wrong, they’ll know how to deal with it.

Word of Mouth

Searching for a plumber or heating technician online can be a challenge, there are so many you just don’t know who to choose. One trusted method of sourcing a reputable heating technician is through word of mouth. If you know any family, friends, or work associates who have recently used a heating engineer, they’ll be able to give you feedback. In addition, you can get some names and look for reviews online.