Get Inspired with These 5 Bedroom Ideas before Decorating your Bed Room


Are you thinking to move into house together? After work, you both will have a room to yourself. Even when your spouse is not home, you will use the personal room for reflecting, recharging, relaxing as well as reading.

So, it makes great sense to adorn the room with some love for your spouse and self-love. It is not a tall order to design a room according to your specific style. Rather, you should try to transform your entire bedroom into your own happiest place. Whether you want a bold room or a minimalist personal quarter, following are top 05 fantastic ideas for decoration of your personal room:

a. De-Cluttering the Space of Room

Do you find it hard to manage cleanliness and happiness of your room? Maybe your room is cluttered. You need to clean the space and remove a few things. A cluttered room has a confusing energy, which makes one feel dizzy at times. To welcome positivity and tranquility in your room, we recommend you to remove all the extra equipment from your home and make it almost hollow – it should possess your personal belongings only.

b. Wall Arts in Newly Wed’s Room

Try to never underestimate the power of a brilliant wall art. Bedrooms are a private part of the houses. When you enter it, its comfort and ease fills you with peace and tranquility. It is overall feel of the room that keeps you crashing into bed peacefully. Your personal quarter deserve your individual attention if you are in love with someone.

Some of the best traditional painting for the room include a peaceful landscape romantic couple picture, holding hands picture of couple in garden scenes and the romantic ocean views

c. Romantic Lighting in the Room

When you turn off the light, there should be romantic illumination in your room. The light should be soft yet glowing. There are many places wherein you can fix the holders for illuminating your room. The safe holders, wall holders and ceiling holders can be used to illuminate your room. It creates a romantic mood in the room.

Let us tell you that white is the best romantic color for your room than red. Red causes feeling of notion rather than love. Use light toned colors for illumination of your personal room.

d. Paintings of Love and Romance in the Room

You should hang paintings of romance and love in the room. Make sure to choose the art for your room that matches with the vibe of your room. You can also contrast the colors of paintings for the colors of wall. You can choose paintings of love in different frames. The connection between frames and its messages increases overall beauty of the room to a greater extent.

We recommend you to choose the wooden frames of Indian paintings on love. The wooden frames infuse a natural and brilliant feeling in the room. Do not choose exotic frames that make you uncomfortable in front of visitors. But choose the frames that represent young sweet love in the pictures.

e. Wallpapers for Room Walls

There are so many wallpapers in the room that spread love in your room. You can also go for experimental abstract art expressing love in your room. If you want personalize wallpapers, go for it and surprise her. Choose the most romantic wallpapers and make love feel in air.


By including wall painting and artistic interior décor ideas in your room, you increase romantic vibes of your room. This will keep you and your partner happy and satisfied.

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