Backyard Shed: The Many Uses of This Storage Space


If you’re lucky enough to have a decent-sized property, you may have enough room in the back for a shed. The roofed structure is typically used as a storage space for garden tools and sporting equipment. Given enough square footage, the small building for storage could function as a workshop. Even better, the outdoor structure could be turned into a veritable living space—with the right design and materials.

What else can a backyard shed be used for?

The Shed as an Outdoor Kitchen

Summers are perfect for outdoor dining. A barbecue with the family is just one way to enjoy your yard while having a sumptuous meal. If you love to cook or if your indoor kitchen seems on the small side, you can extend the food prep and cooking to a well-designed and well-built shed.

To turn your outdoor shed into a kitchen, see if the existing structure you have will work. If it does, repurposing it can begin with taking out the items stored in the space. Separate the ones to donate from the ones to take to the trash. If you still need some items, transfer them to the garage or a basement if you have one. It’ll be like spring cleaning, and only it’s just for this one area.

Once you’ve cleaned it out, create a plan for the layout. Where do you put shelving, the countertop, and the appliances? It’s a small space, so your layout will be limited. But you must maximize the minimal space to ensure an enjoyable and safe cook.

The final step involves installing insulation and windows. You’ll want to stay cool when cooking during summer and warm when using the shed during winter.

The Shed as a Playhouse

What kid wouldn’t want to have their own space? Instead of having the kids run amok in the house with their toys or get rowdy with their friends, give them the space they need—outside the house. A well-built shed can be redesigned into the perfect playhouse.

The features and layout will depend on the age of your kids. If they’re still young, you may only need to place furniture, arts and crafts kits, and books. If they’re a bit older, you may need to have room for gadgets like video games. This also means installing utilities, from electricity to water.

If your kids are especially delicate, the backyard shed needs to be damp-proof and insulated well. You’ll want to make sure your kids are breathing clean air and playing in a clean space. Good indoor quality keeps your kids healthy and safe from illnesses.

Don’t forget to plan for storage; the small space could become cluttered easily if the kids don’t know where to put their toys in.

The Shed as Your Creative Studio

In this era of work-from-home jobs, everyone needs a private space to think. Sure, you could have a home office with its own door that lets you shut out the noise from the kitchen and living room. But some people just can’t seem to concentrate even with such privacy.

If you’re that kind of a person, a backyard shed may be your best option to having a home office. It’s far enough from the hubbub of the home but close enough to still be in your jammies when “going to work.”

You may have to spend more for this repurposing, but it may be well worth the expense to gain the privacy and solace necessary to do your work. This kind of shed transformation would be perfect for writers, designers, researchers, and any professional who needs that sharp focus to get something done.

The Shed as a Learning Space

An alternative to the office shed would be a learning space. If you’re one of many parents homeschooling their kid, a backyard shed could work as a classroom. The space gives your kids a quiet place to learn and do their homework.

They’re not likely to be distracted when the shed is designed solely for education.

But make sure to have ergonomic furniture, sufficient desk space, and storage in the shed. You could even place a mini fridge for those healthy snacks because every child gets hungry while learning.

The Shed as a Gym and Wellness Space

Sometimes all you need to stay fit is a dedicated space to do it. A gym membership may not be enough to motivate you, especially if you have to go on a long drive to get to it. But having your own gym could—since it’s just a few steps from your door.

To turn your backyard shed into a gym, pick the right equipment. Install flooring to keep the space safe. Make sure it’s well-ventilated. And it wouldn’t hurt to design it with inspirational quotes to help you stay on the program.

If you’d rather practice yoga or meditation, keep the shed as tranquil and comfortable as possible.

Backyard sheds don’t have to serve one purpose. When you’re considering a home makeover, rethink this outdoor structure and extend your living space.

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