When is the Best Time to Renovate Your Swimming Pool?


Swimming pool makeovers can help rejuvenate an old and deserted swimming pool, restore its beauty, and enhance your home’s views. Best time to renovate is pre or post-summer. The timing will allow you to enjoy the benefit of your work by having a beautiful place to cool yourself. But before that, you have to prepare ahead to get quality results. The steps below can be helpful when you plan to renovate your pool.

Plan Early

Always plan early to avoid deserting the swimming pool project halfway.


Working on the renovation when the weather is friendly speeds up the process; for example, winter and fall don’t have much rain. The rainy season may derail your project, and it’s best if the work happens on a bright day.

Smooth Renovation Process

The majority of swimming pool renovation requires equipment replacement. And whatever type of work is needed, the perfect time to do without delays is winter, fall, and spring season.


As you renovate your swimming pool, work on your garden area surrounding the pool. To make it look appealing around the swimming pool, hire a landscaping company to do it for you professionally, and enhance the beauty of your home compound. Landscaping can be done together with the renovation, and by summer, the project is ready.

How Long Does the Swimming Renovation take?

Swimming pool remodelling depends on several variables. You have to take into account the size, state of the old swimming pool, and the surrounding area. In normal conditions, you should expect the entire project to take a couple of weeks to complete. But for complex renovations, expect the process to take one or two months. The complex renovation will require the purchasing of new equipment, tiling, plastering, plumbing, concreting, decking, and a few other things.

Steps Your Pool Will Undergo

Pool renovation involves a handful of steps, and professionals will have the below process though some may differ in the order.

Step1 – Draining the pool

This step depends on the size of the pool, and it can take minutes to a couple of hours.

Step2 – Resurfacing

If the swimming pool has a concrete design, it requires resurfacing as they are susceptible to rough surfaces or cracks. Leaving it, unattended could cause more problems later. Resurfacing will extend the pool’s life as it will make it usable again.

Step3 – Tiling

Tiling job should come after resurfacing, but if some tiles need replacement, then tiling would come before resurfacing. The type of tiles to be applied determines the length of time.

Step4 – Plumbing

Check the value of the current plumbing to see whether it’s good enough or requires to be changed. Pool contractors can help ascertain that through a thorough inspection and attend to plumbing by sealing it if applicable.

Step5 – Improve the Surroundings

A basic restoration may take a few days. But renovation concrete pools might take even months to complete. Landscaping and poolscape are best when done at this stage. When you enhance the surrounding with decorations, it may bring a new definition around the pool, especially if you plan to hold parties around.

Step6 – Clean and Pool Water

Now that the renovation process is over, clean the pool completely to start with a new clean swimming pool. Look for materials and chemicals that clean the swimming pool before adding water. If you are not well versed with swimming pool cleaning and right water addition plus chemicals, its better you look for professionals to handle that.

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