5 Things To Do Before Turning On Your AC This Spring


With winter gone and temperatures rising steadily, it may be time for homeowners to turn on their ACs. However, considering that the air conditioner may have been inactive for an extended amount of time, it is recommended that you do this with caution. As the weather gets warmer, to a point where it becomes unbearably hot, prepping the AC is something every homeowner should do. Below are the top 5 things to do before turning on the AC in spring.

1. Clean and Inspect the Outdoor Unit

Since the AC has not been used for the winter season, a lot may have happened to the outdoor unit. It is exposed to debris and dirt and has not received much attention since it was not in use. As a result, there is a possibility that the outdoor unit could be clogged or riddled with other issues. Rather than blindly switching the AC on and having it run, inspect and have an HVAC company come perform a AC Tune-up. Remove any debris and dirt that may have lodged itself inside the unit. Roots, branches, and leaves tend to find their way inside the outdoor AC unit and affect its efficiency.

2. Pay Attention to the Indoor Unit as Well

Once you are sure that the outdoor unit functions properly, you should move back indoors and scrutinize the indoor system. Check the electrical system and circuits to ensure that everything works. You may also want to look at the programmable thermostat and recalibrate it where necessary.

Also, inspect the refrigerant lines and evaporator coils to ensure they are not frozen or affected by the cold season. The essence of checking indoor and outdoor units is to address any potential problems in good time. You may also have to call an HVAC technician to sort out the complex issues that may require professional expertise.

3. Focus on the Vents, Ducts, and Air Filters

Note that the AC depends on all the components working optimally to perform as expected. You often have to check the air filters and replace them, especially if you live in a dusty area, since they tend to clog more. You also need to consider the air vents and ducts and have them cleaned. The point is to ensure that there are no hindrances to airflow as this affects the efficiency of your HVAC system. Besides making sure they are clean and unclogged, you also want to ensure no obstructions around these openings.

4. Concentrate on a Test Run

You want to do a test run before fully convinced that the AC is ready for the season. This will direct you on your next move. You may have to invest in a complete HVAC tune-up session if there are any mishaps. Pay attention to obvious signs such as foul odor, strange sounds, and other things like the AC blowing hot air when it should blow cold air. Try to troubleshoot and apply the recorded fixes before calling in the professionals.

5. Annual Tune-up is Worth It

At this point, investing in an annual tune-up session is great. You want to get into the hot season with a fully functioning AC. Have the experts conduct all professional checks possible and carry out repairs and replacements as needed. A tune-up session is a sure way of guaranteeing favorable results.

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