3 Tips For Setting Up And Organizing A Craft Space In Your Home


If you have room in your home for a craft space or other type of hobby room, getting this area set up properly can really set the tone for how well you’re able to take advantage of this space. So to help ensure that you do this the right way the first time, here are three tips for setting up and organizing a craft space in your home.

Give Everything A Place To Live

As with all other rooms of your house, one of the best ways to keep a craft room organized is to give everything a place to live. Otherwise, your craft room can quickly and easily start looking very disorganized and messy. And if this happens, you might find yourself avoiding this room rather than venturing into it.

When finding a place for all of your multifilament yarn, stamps and sponges, fabric, beads, or other supplies, you’ll want to prioritize storing these things in such a way that they can be essentially hidden from view if you want them to. While having open shelves is an option, you might want to use baskets or other storage containers that will make it so you don’t have to see every little item you’re storing. This can help your whole craft room feel a lot more put-together and organized, even if it really isn’t.

Get Your Lighting Right

In addition to having a place where everything can be stored when you’re not working with it, you also want to ensure that your room is perfectly set up for when you are ready to get to work.

One big factor here is lighting. Without proper lighting, you might find it very hard to do the crafts that you love in your new craft room.

Depending on the type of crafting you love doing, you’ll want to choose lighting that will help you better see just what you’re doing. If you take up a lot of space with your crafts, having strong overhead lighting coming from multiple sources might be ideal. Or, if you do very fine work, having various task lighting options might be what you need. Either way, you should also try to let in as much natural light as possible as well.

Put Your Work Surface At The Right Height

The surfaces that you have to work on when using your craft room will also be a big deal in your space.

When choosing tables or other surfaces to bring into your craft room, make sure you consider the height of the surface above all else. If a table is too short, you might easily get uncomfortable trying to work there. So make sure that your work surface is high enough that it supports your body as you need.

If you’re wanting to have a craft space or an entire craft room in your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you in setting this up correctly.

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