10 of The Most Popular Swimming Pool Styles and Designs


The swimming pool is a place where you relax, rewind, and rejuvenate yourself. It can also become a place for family outing and bonding. You can turn the swimming pool into a party location and make your evenings interesting. The design, shape, and style of a swimming pool add to the quality of time you spend in and around it. Apart from strength, safety, and durability, designing a swimming pool keeping aesthetics in mind would enhance beauty.

The design and styling of the swimming pool depend on several factors. These factors greatly affect the shape, size, and durability of the swimming pool.

Factors to be considered while Designing a Swimming Pool

A designer considers several parameters while designing a swimming pool. These parameters govern the outcome of the swimming pool including the cost of construction. A good engineer or architect can design a strong and aesthetically attractive swimming pool at an affordable cost. Hence, choosing a professional and experienced engineer or designer should be the topmost priority. Below are the factors that affect the design of a swimming pool.

· Amount of space available

· Type of soil

· Location of the swimming pool

· Geography of the place

· Purpose of the swimming pool

· Weather

· Type of water

Types of Swimming Pools based on Style and Design

The swimming pool could be designed according to the need of the customer. If we start listing the types of the swimming pool based on customer needs, it would take an entire book to finish. We should discuss the swimming pools that are commonly used. These swimming pools are categorized based on their styles and design. Below are the top 10 swimming pools that are popular among people. It would give you a fair idea of swimming pools and help you in selecting one. Pool sizes can also come into the equation when selecting a pool that is right for you, so Which Pool Size Is The Best For Me?

1. Grecian Pools

Grecian swimming pools are stylized according to Greek architecture. The design consists of a hexagonal shape with two sides running longer. The other four sides converge to give two pointed ends. Some Grecian pools may even have flat ends on either side with slanting angles. This type of styling and design gives a swimming pool an elegant look. They are easy to construct and don’t require an extra amount of material. They are designed for outdoor swimming and recreational activity. The size may vary but is often designed to hold more than five members. It is best for family members to swim, play, and bond together.

2. Geometric Pools

As the name suggests, geometric pools are designed in various geometric shapes. The geometric pools don’t contain any curves or pointed ends in their designs. The shape of the pools may contain several sides depending upon the design. The difficulty level of constructing these pools may vary depending upon the shape. More sides in the design mean more time and material required during construction. These pools may be designed in various sizes according to the need of the customer. Adding green plants and trees around these pools enhances the beauty of the pool.

3. Free Form Pools

If you run your imagination wild during designing a swimming pool, you get a freeform pool. Freeform pools don’t restrict themselves to a particular shape or size. They mainly consist of curved shapes. The curves may run for any length depending upon the size of the swimming pool. Some freeform pools also include circles in their design. Theses designs require more time and material than other pools. Freeform pools are best if you are looking for beauty over use.

4. L Shaped Pool

If you are looking to use the space effectively, an L shaped pool is for you. L shaped pools are also designed when you are planning to use a part of the space for sunbathing or as a relaxation area. These pools contain a large space at one end and a slightly narrower space that runs for a length giving it an L shape. They may even have curved edges but not curved sides. These pools are easy to construct and use the space effectively.

5. Roman Swimming Pool

We all know roman architecture is known for its elegance and beauty. The ancient swimming pools the Romans designed for kings and queens gave more importance to these two aspects. If you are low on budget but want an elegant-looking pool then the roman pool is for you. These pools are rectangular but consist of curves at two shorter sides and flat on the other two longer sides. Constructing these swimming pools is similar to constructing any rectangular pools. The beauty of the pools can be enhanced using greenery and artifacts.

6. Kidney Shaped Pools

No marks for guessing. The shape of the pool looks like a kidney hence the name. This curvy pool may fall under the category of freeform swimming pools. All freeform pools may be kidney pools but not all kidney pools are freeform pools. These are mainly designed when a customer is looking for beauty over other factors.

7. Figure 8 Pools

You can go for a figure 8-shaped pool when you are looking for a unique design. The eight shaped swimming pool consists of curvy sides all along with its design. It mainly serves the purpose of beauty and aesthetics. It gives the water a free flow appearance due to the curved sides. You can enhance the elegance of the pool by constructing a waterfall at one of the sides.

8. Rectangular Pools

These are the most commonly designed pools around the world. These pools are the easiest to construct and cost less compared to other pools.

9. Circular pools

Circular pools are circular and are mainly used to relax and rewind than swim around. A circular pool requires a large space to construct, hence it is not feasible when you are tight on budget. They are the best pools for children to play and have fun.

10. Oval Shaped Pools

Oval pools are just modified versions of rectangular pools with a curved shape at the two shorter sides. They are easy to construct compared to other curved pools. They also look elegant when combined with green plants and small trees.

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