Top Five Tips for landscaping Your Pool Area


Landscaping can transform your backyard pool area into your own private spot of calm and relaxation. When it comes to pool landscaping, there are infinite choices for lighting, pergolas, fences, pathways etc. You can also add an outdoor kitchen, dining space, rock wall or fire pit near your fibreglass pool. You need not do all the landscaping at once, but you can leave space for them in your original plan.

What you ultimately choose for your landscaping will depend on your budget and the purpose of your pool. If your pool is meant for recreation or parties, then you will want more seating elements in the landscaping. If you are building a pool to add more aesthetics to your house then you will want to use more fancy elements in the landscaping. We offer you five tips for landscaping your pool.

Go green

Plants are a time-tested landscaping option. Plants combine very well with the serene pool waters to create an oasis in your backyard. If your plants are the flowering variety then it will increase the charm of your pool area. You can place your plants on the ground or in containers. Plants should be placed at a little distance from the pool.

But you must avoid certain pitfalls while selecting your plants for landscaping. Avoid thorny, fruit-bearing or insect attracting plants. You don’t want a bee sting or get pricks on your feet every time you use your pool area. Similarly, avoid plants that shed leaves or petals. Your pool will become dirty easily. You will be spending considerable time picking out leaves and flowers from your pool. The leaves and flowers can also clog your filtering system.

Steer clear of plants which require too much maintenance. You will have to spend a lot of time on their maintenance. If you neglect them they will turn into an eyesore. Plants which have deep penetrating roots should be avoided as they can damage the pool structure and plumbing. Your pool landscaping plants should be tolerant of water and pool chemicals such as chlorine.

Go for easily growing annuals or perennials. Plants like agave, aloe and yucca are low maintenance and tolerate sunlight very well. Plant varieties like sago palms and cycads are good if you want to give a tropical ambience to your poolside. Growing vines are also a good option for landscaping. You can also add pebbles and boulders in between the plants. Large boulders are better than pebbles which can easily fall into the pool.

Ornamental grasses which grow easily are good choices for pool landscaping. They are non-messy and grow very fast. They also blend well with the surroundings.

2. Water features.

Waterfalls are suited to both large and small backyards. The sound of falling water creates a serene effect in your backyard. Waterfalls are extremely popular with children. Waterfalls can be used in traditional and modern settings. They are suitable for all types of pools. You may also be wondering Can Fibreglass Pools Have Waterslides?

You can combine waterfalls with colorful lights, fountains and plants. Water walls which release water from the side of the pools are another interesting water feature. Bubblers are mini-fountains placed in a shallow area of the pool.

Deck jets are tiny fountains at the edge of the pool which shoot a narrow, arching water stream over the pool. Spillover and scuppers are other water features which can be considered to give an enchanting look to your pool. Scuppers are available in a variety of designs and shapes and they add a fascinating look to your pool. Swimming pool grottos made of natural rock will surely invite a lot of compliments from your guests.

3. Walkways.

There are plenty of options for designing a walkway. The walkway can be made of Slate, Limestone and Sandstone. Your walkway should blend with your pool and surroundings effortlessly. You can let the grass grow in between the stepping stones on the walkway.

An attractive pathway gives a good appearance to your pool and your backyard. Brick, gravel, stamped concrete and pavers are some other materials popularly used in walkways.

4. Seating.

Creating seating areas near your pool increases opportunities for rest and recreation. Lounge chairs, couches and lawn chairs are good seating options near the pool. You can also throw pool parties if you have sufficient seating area near your pool. Fibreglass pools have pre-fitted benches or tanning ledges. Be careful to keep your seating arrangement well rooted to the ground to prevent them from flying off during winds or parties.

5. Lighting.

Lighting is an extremely important feature of your pool landscape. You will need lights on the pool steps, the walkways, walls, water features and seating areas. Proper lighting will allow you to see the water clearly at all times of the day. It will also make your pool area extremely safe to use. Lighting will allow you to enjoy your pool even after sunset. Lighting is also a prerequisite for throwing successful pool parties. Lights can be effectively used to change the ambience of the pool area.

There are a number of lighting options available such as floodlights, spotlights, outdoor torches, and string lights. You can also set up a smart lighting system which automatically controls your pool and landscape lights. Then there are solar lights which are environment friendly. You can create different colors in your pool using attractive lighting. Underwater LED lighting and underwater halogen lighting are other popular options when it comes to swimming pool lighting. Colored underwater lights can be used to change the color of your pools. A professional can guide you through all the options for swimming pool lights.


Landscaping is not compulsory for your pool, but it can go a long way in improving the look of your pool and your backyard. Leaving some space for landscaping in the original plan is important as it is difficult to remodel a pool. Your pool builder can help you to plan your landscaping according to your budget and pool area.

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