It’s A New Year! Why You Need a Fibreglass Pool in Your Backyard!


It’s that time of year again! It’s New Years resolution time!

What did you resolve to commit to this year?

If you’re like most people, you’ve had something along the lines of eating better, exercising more, and getting fitter.

Well, there’s a simple trick that can make you commit to your fitness goals this year. As well as fulfil that dream of yours to own a swimming pool in your backyard just like you’ve always wanted.

This article will illustrate why you should get a fibreglass swimming pool this year to start things off just right.

Swimming pools make fitness goals fun.

If you’ve ever paid a monthly subscription to a gym, you know how it’s often filled with people and rarely has the equipment you want free to use.

You might even spend more time travelling towards and out of the gym than you do actually exercising.

Well, you can accomplish all your fitness goals right at the comfort of your home instead.

Swimming is tons of fun, therapeutic, and great at metabolizing brown fat. Brown fat is what your body burns when its cold to keep it warm. Swimming and exposing your body to the cold let it convert regular fat into brown fat so it can keep you warm. See where this is going?

There is an incredible amount of science behind cold water swimming resulting in easier fat loss. Making exercise fun is also the first step to making sure you get on with it and keep burning those calories. A simple 30 minute swim a few times a week can help you stick to your fitness goals. And best of all, you don’t need to stress things with a home pool. Just sneak in a quiet swim whenever you have the time. The pool’s not going anywhere after all, it’s right behind your home.

A swimming pool is your own oasis of calm and happiness.

Just imagine laying on your back, enveloped by warm blue water on all sides. You look up at the sky and hear only the sound of your own heartbeat. There is nothing as therapeutic as being surrounded by water. There’s something unexplainable about being surrounded by ocean blues that triggers the calming reflex within most people and lets them relax. Almost something zen-like, even.

Your swimming pool can let you enjoy weekends de-stressing right at home and with the company of your choice. It’s the perfect choice for those with very little time to relax, as it makes the minutes count.

Owning and using a swimming pool isn’t just great for relaxation, it’s great for preventing diseases as well. Research shows that swimming can protect your body from diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and take your fitness to the next level.

Swimming pools come with awesome features.

Fibreglass pools are popular because of all the fun, state-of-the-art technology that comes with it. You can get built-in tanning ledges, swim outs and even pool benches. Fibreglass is the latest advancement in modern technology that makes swimming pools easy to build, easy to maintain, and safer than other types of pools. Alot of pool owners ask Should You Get A Swim Spa? It also also another amazing feature of pools and combines the best of both worlds.

You can even add sunken spots to a pool and then add a spa onto it. How’s that for awesome? None of that stuff would be possible in concrete or vinyl liner pools.

Fibreglass swimming pools are pet friendly.

Fibreglass pools are super friendly to any four-legged members of your family. They come with super smooth finishes to make the entire thing sleek-looking and smooth to the touch. None of that concrete and vinyl business where it scratches at your skin and pricks you.

Your dogs can easily enter and exit the pool without hurting themselves. Your dog’s toes can scratch at fragile vinyl liners and concrete and gunite can even hurt your dog’s paws.

Pools can come with multiple exit and entry points as well, so your dogs can always get out at a moment’s notice.

All that and more makes Fibreglass pools very safe and friendly for any of your dogs.

Fibreglass pools are perfect for keeping clean without much effort.

It’s every pool owner’s dream to spend the least amount of time taking care of their pool and spend more time actually swimming inside it. With Fibreglass, that’s actually possible.

While the material is durable and robust, a lot of effort has gone into making it very gentle and easy to clean at the same time.

Fibreglass is non-porous, so it doesn’t let algae stick to it easily. You’ll need to spend less time taking care of your pool and chemically balancing the waters. Algae is the biggest threat to pools, and Fibreglass is a great step towards resolving that issue. Many pool owners even report that they spend barely an hour a week cleaning and maintaining their new pools and enjoying it more instead.

Algae emits ammonia which stinks up your place and makes it miserable to be around. All that is minimized with a Fibreglass pool, so you’ll keep wanting to enjoy it even more.

Fibreglass pools look fantastic in your backyard.

Let’s face it. Most people don’t even remember a yard when it doesn’t have a pool. Fibreglass pools in particular are created off site and then customized according to the homeowner’s request. It can be any shape, size, length, width, and style that you want. No matter the amount of free space you have, a pool can fit into it.

It’s guaranteed to become the central showpiece of wherever you stick it and make the entire place visually striking to boot.

You can have tile, stone, and brick copings for your pool as well as pick from dozens of different styles and designs. You can pick a simple, straightforward pool with none of the frills attached. You can choose a state-of-the-art pool that’s loaded up the yin yang with features. Whatever your requirements are, there’s a swimming pool in the right price range for you.

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