Your Furniture Horoscope: Making Your Room Uniquely You


Have you ever wondered what attracts people to certain types of furniture? How does our internal personality come into play through the decision making process?

Us too.

And we’ve discovered we can predict what furniture people will fall in love with, just by asking a few questions.

People may not know what their style is, may not understand what characteristics they are looking for. But when it comes to designing the interior of their home, most are pretty quick at recognizing what they like.

We can ask a few questions and hear things like:

“I want to go big and bold.”

“I enjoy subtle pieces that blend in with the surroundings.”

“I’m looking for timeless beauty.”

With just a few words, we can begin providing design ideas they are sure to love.

But we’ve also noticed something else about design trends. In many cases, you can tell a person’s design style simply by the month in which they were born.

What if it really were that simple? To have a furniture horoscope that helped direct you to the perfect interior design ideas for your home?

They may reveal:


A Capricorn is often a natural born leader. They are just as quick to try out new trends as they are to stick with a time-tested friend. They are resourceful and steadfast; once their mind is made up, they are happy with their decisions.

Practical pieces with fun accents always make you feel at home. Clean lines surrounded by just a touch of chaos allow you to bring peace to your life. Your first choice isn’t to go with a heavy matching group of furniture. Instead, you like to mix and match to create your own style.


An Aquarius is always unconventional, always entertaining. Free spirits from the day they are born, they consistently look for ways to let their creative nature fly. They look for originality… why would they want to follow. They look for innovation… why would they want mass production.

Maybe you’re an inventor. Maybe you’ve been described as eccentric. You make friends easily and love incorporating all that you love into all that you do. And that means your approach to interior design as well. Contemporary pieces allow you to stay grounded with the things you love. Then let your urban nomad flair shine through by placing the things you find in your journeys for display.


A Pisces is compassionate and attracted to the beauty in everything. They prefer the little details that set things apart. While classic designs will always appeal to a Pisces, they also look to a design that allows clean living. Originality will make things uniquely their own.

A Pisces often prefers a modern industrial design, taking a minimalist, simplistic approach. Living in a place with just the basics gives a Pisces the chance to gather your thoughts and make up your mind. A clean environment will encourage you to focus and move forward with your decisions.


An Aries is always commanding the center of attention. They prefer to go big and bold. And it shows in the furniture they select. How about a four poster bed? It quickly dominates a bedroom being the center of sophistication and refinement.

There are also often times when an Aries won’t be able to satisfy your wanderlust urges. Take that weekend getaway. Go camping. Head to the big city. Then incorporate your adventurous personality back into your décor.


A determined Taurus has a knack for seeking the comforts of life. They aren’t afraid to continue the search until the find the perfect piece they are looking for. They aren’t willing to settle for less than second best, and once they have the perfect piece are willing to keep it for life.

A Taurus also finds solace in clean, modern design. They enjoy a place to escape to, a place to rest, free from the clutter and noise of the rest of the world. Clean lines and simplicity, along with a basic color palette will help find the peace and centered feeling you crave.


A Gemini is eternally social and imaginative, always looking for a way to blend their love of a comfortable group setting with the inspiration of something new. They aren’t afraid to put their own style to work, creating a unique home that truly is an artistic expression.

Add accents that showcase your style in the moment. And as soon as you’re bored with one hobby, you can simply move on to the next. Sleek designed furniture gives you the background to let your personality shine, all the time.


The Cancer personality suggests an innate power of observation. You’ll find Cancers reflective by nature, caring of all those around them.

A Cancer knows when something is good or when something is bad. Changing moods mean they can feel the emotion in everything they do. And because they often see two sides of the story, they also enjoy two sides to their interior décor. Strong, sleek designs of hardwood, countered with softer accents and organic materials keep a Cancer centered and grounded.


The Leo is strong and bold, with a confident and fierce personality. Furniture choices should be bold and sleek, letting the personality of the person shine through above the décor.

While a Leo often feels lucky and optimistic, they are also the first to admit to mistakes. Their fierce personality means they often bring excitement to every situation. And in their interior design, they prefer places to gather, furniture that showcases their fun-filled attitude twenty-four hours of the day.


A Virgo displays precision and analytic fortitude in all they set out to do. They prefer furniture that is expertly tailored with just a little hint of elegance to shine above.

And while a Virgo can often be described as narrow-minded or high-maintenance, they often let a little of their shabby chic personality creep into play. They enjoy a polished look. They enjoy mixing characteristics. Vintage inspired designs will stand the test of time – something that’s important to a Virgo.


The ever peaceful Libra is often known for their pursuit of balance and their supportive nature. They prefer décor to be equal and balanced, displaying clean lines that will always be in style.

Since childhood, you’ve set your expectations high. You’ve dreamed of all you can do, planned to perfect everything that crosses your path. Sleek and modern often showcases your need for balance. You prefer design ideas that pull from past experiences and create a fun and interesting interior that’s livable and approachable.


Always in control, determined to lead by example, the Scorpio is often drawn to furniture that makes a bold statement. Look for contrasting patterns, a black and white design, for instance, can showcase a Scorpio’s fierce nature to provide a strong look that’s effortless to maintain.

A Scorpio also prefers contemporary style. A classic feeling feeds your old soul. Dark colors and glass windows appeal to your sense of design, giving you a backdrop to showcase your clean, artistic flair.


A Sagittarius is independent by nature, constantly craving the freedom to showcase who they really are. They often walk along the wild side and aren’t afraid to mix things up from time to time. They aren’t afraid to mix a classic piece with a contemporary design. They can add a splash of color to let things shine.

Have you ever been described as bohemian? Yet while you’re equally at home with things from your travels, you also enjoy combining it with a style that allows you to relax fully and enjoy your home as it was meant to be.

What’s your approach to interior design?

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