Building an Extension: Key Factors to Consider


There are numerous factors to consider before you build an extension onto your home. An extension offers great potential for transforming your home, adding value to your property and creating some much-needed space for a growing family. To ensure you get the best builders in your area, you need to take some time to research local companies. Hampshire builders like many others in the community offer professional home extension services, they encourage inquiries from potential customers and understand the benefits of asking key questions.

Here are some things to ask a construction company to help you find out more about their services:

  • Do they specialise in domestic or commercial projects?
  • What kind of experience do they have?
  • Can they deal with other contractors such as plumber and electricians?
  • Can the provide you with references?
  • Are they fully insured and certified?

Where to Extend?

Have you chosen the best bit to build on? Would it be better to demolish an existing structure and build a two-storey extension? This would reduce the cost and give you access to more space. These are all questions you must ask yourself before you settle on an area to extend.

Inform the Neighbours

Although you are free to build wherever you like, it is courteous to inform your neighbours about the extension. You’d be surprised at how many neighbours fall out over arguments about new extensions.

There are multiple factors to consider when renovating your property, the most important one is to find a reputable builder who can make your project a success.









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