Flooring Installation Guide by Ceramic Exporters


Once you start installation work for ceramic floor tiles then calculate the work area first. Now you need to check for presence of asbestos. In case, floor was prepared during the time 1970s then chances of asbestos are pretty much higher.

Asbestos was used during early days by constrictors for floor manufacturing or preparation. This is biggest reason of lung cancer. When asbestos gets disturbed, its fiber reacts with air and inhaled by human. These fibers when breathed by people can be excessively dangerous and causes various health diseases.

Now you need to check about the foundation on which ceramic tiles need to be installed. There are few foundations on which ceramic tiles should not be installed at all. It may be plywood, vinyl flooring, particle boards etc. The best flooring foundation for ceramic tiles is concrete.

  • How to deal with plywood flooring?

According to ceramic exporters India, if you have plywood flooring then you have no choice to replace it. The best solution here is to put a membrane between floor and tiles to decrease the moisture effects and any other harmful contaminants.

Once membrane is properly applied on the floor, let it to dry and use quality bonding material to fix the membrane properly on the floor. Here, we assume that floor has been remodeled again and now it is completely suitable for installation of ceramic tiles. The addition of new membrane on the floor may increase height of floor and you have to trim bathroom gates to make it particularly suitable for your new bathroom.

  • How to cover vinyl flooring?

When you are working with vinyl flooring then take a piece of vinyl floor and test it deeply for asbestos. In case floor is infected then it should be replaced completely. Otherwise fix a membrane over floor with thinset bonding to make it suitable for ceramic tiles. You should also discuss with expert ceramic exporters India about perfect treatment for asbestos in your home.

  • How to treat concrete floor?

You need to apply thinset bonding material on concrete floor before you fix ceramic tiles over it. If there is no paint coating on concrete floor then this is easy to fix tiles on the floor. In case, concrete floor is painted then you need to remove paint coating first and apply thinset material over it. When floor is perfectly leveled, you may start with the installation work. Allow concrete floor to cure first before final application of tiles.


The above discussion concludes that three most popular floors that can be covered with ceramic tiles are concrete floor, plywood and vinyl flooring. You just have to follow proper steps to make any floor suitable for the installation of ceramic tiles. Also don’t forget to consider about danger of asbestos in your home. Once you are clear on these facts then installation is pretty much simpler and effective too. For detailed information in case of any doubts, this is always better to discuss with trusted ceramic exporters India right away.

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