Tricks to Introduce Mid-Century Modern Rug into Your Home


Have you watched the apartment of the protagonist of the Mad Men series? You will agree that Don Draper got a unique style, even though you don’t agree with his way of life and personal choices. If you’re looking to create something similar in your home, then you’re on the right page. Here are a few tricks that would help you achieve the fab mid-century modem look with nothing but rugs.

  1. Toned Colors

In the mid-modern era, it is common to find frugal and noble lines in every piece of architecture and design. In other words, these reflect the unique charm of a bygone era that many still loves and cherish. Often, incorporating with autumn colors, with a touch of geometric patterns on the walls and ceiling, is magnificent. A look at the vase, the lamps, and the painting, you will find traces of these unique elements. If you want your home to stand out, choose a color palette that is warm and toned hues. You won’t regret it!

  1. Chick Lighting

In a dark room, the iconic mid-century modern rug ceases to exist. You only notice its presence when you match on the warm surface. To bring out its prowess, use lamps that hang from the ceiling or perhaps, standing on elegant tables. With these extraordinary lights, you are creating a masterpiece that would always wow your guest. Mid-century floor or table lamps come with a straight line and sharp contours. Ensure that yours follow a similar route if you want to create that 50s and 60s feel.

  1. Iconic Furniture

There are lots of furniture out there. But only real wood can give your home that warm atmosphere it deserves. In other words, it is synonymous with luxury and class. Getting minimalistic furniture that is very light and of high designer value is excellent. With this vital piece, you will be able to make your mid-century modern rug more distinct and beautiful.

  1. Bring In Exotic Plants

Greens always work! Plants have the unique ability to bring out the beauty of any element in your home. To achieve that mid-century modern look, grab a vase and stuck in some greens in them like palms and succulents. Other plants worth adding are Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, Rubber Tree, etc. Give this a try and see how dramatic your home turns.

  1. Bring In Artifacts And Arts

Accessories have a way of bringing out the beauty of every room. You can hang objects, or perhaps art paintings on the wall. You will discover how well they bring out the beauty of the wall and your home in general. By hanging abstract arts on the walls, you will be able to add more patterns to the living room.

Wrapping Up!

Your Mid-Century Modern Rug is a masterpiece of its own. Going the extra mile to bring out its elegance would ensure you transform your home to something sleek and beautiful. If you’re yet to start taking some of these measures, now is probably the best time.

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