Utilize your pillows to decorate your home this New Year –Expert tips


There are many times when we say to ourselves that we shouldn’t stress on the small details and rather focus on the bigger things in life which can have a huge impact on our life. Don’t you find it ironical if we now tell you how you should focus on decorating your home with pillows? Among everything else that you have to plan for the New Year, isn’t worrying about your pillows something very trivial? Pillows may seem like a small detail but when it comes to decorating or designing your room for a special occasion, they play a vital role.

Now that everyone has adopted an eco-friendly attitude while designing their homes as well, bamboo pillow has become one of the most-talked items that combine comfort and sustainability at the same time. Here are few ways in which you can utilize pillows to decorate your home.

A definite color scheme has to be chosen

If you wish to obtain the maximum impact, it is always best to stick with similar shades of the same color or to a pair of colors that complement each other, like the colors which lie on the opposite side of the color wheel like blue and orange as such a combination can bring in richness and drama to your room. Don’t go for loud and brash combinations as this will add a disorganized look to your room. One more option is to choose an entire group of accent pillows which lie next to each other on the wheel.

Experiment with several kinds of fabric

It is not only the pattern or the color of the pillows which can add to the room’s ambience or which can help you narrate a different story. The fabric of the pillow can also speak a different story. There are few fabrics which happen to be more versatile and flexible than the others and you can choose them in order to continue playing with several kinds of fabric. The only way in which they can become overbearing is by using the similar color and shade with various textures.

Prints and graphics should be embraced

Graphics and prints can also be lot of fun when you use them on pillows provided you know how you can use them in a proper manner. If you consider choosing a common layout pattern, it will be arranging 3 pillows together and using one busy print, one simple print and one pillow with solid color. The largest pillow should have the loudest pattern and you are also allowed to play with stripes and textures.

Master the art of arranging pillows

As long as arranging the pillows over your chair or couches is concerned, you should always arrange them symmetrically rather than layering them one at the back of the other. If you bundle all your designs and patterns together, this may become too much for majority of the people. The place where you place your pillows should be considered carefully.

Therefore, now that you know the different ways in which you should arrange your pillows in order to decorate your room, get active and start doing so before its New Year and before your house is filled with guests.

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