Tower Fans and the key to choose them


If you are looking to combat the heat with the arrival of the summer period but do not want to spend a lot of money buying an air conditioner we propose a good solution. The tower fans are an ideal alternative because they are a very efficient and inexpensive way to freshen up.

As is well known, more hot air circulates at the top of any space than at the bottom, where the air is cooler. Therefore, a tower fan is a vertical fan that takes advantage of its design to take the freshest air that is at the ground level of the space and puts it in circulation to cool the environment, they do not need installation as happens to ceil fans.

A few years ago, the remote control could also be counted as advantages or that they had a control panel with an LCD / LED and timer, but fortunately the manufacturers have already incorporated these improvements in the foot fans as you can see in this article of silent fans.

What aspects must be taken into account when buying a tower fan?

All fans have their pros and cons, the important thing when deciding which one to buy is to analyze what your needs are and based on that you will know which is the best fan for you.

To help you identify the fan that suits you best I will describe below the most important aspects you should analyze:

Electricity consumption and energy efficiency

If you are looking to save on your electricity bill you must take into account what each device consumes and what type of energy efficiency it has. The fans that consume less are those of energy efficiency A.


Knowing the power of a fan we will know the ventilation capacity it has. It is one of the main factors to consider. To know if the power of a device is appropriate to your needs you must take into account other factors such as:

Size of the room.

Amount of sunlight received by the room to cool.

The location and distance to which we will place the fan in the room.

Dimensions and weight.

We must know the size of the fan to know if it fits perfectly in the place we plan to locate it. The weight is one of the aspects that surely nobody takes into account but I advise you to value it because it is very annoying to have to move a fan that weighs a lot.


Although it does not seem very important to know the resistance of the device, believe me, that you should know it because it is not pleasant for any blow to stop working or break. Therefore, no matter how efficient the fan is, be sure to check its resistance.

Air filtration

If you have allergic people at home you are interested in buying a fan that has a HEPA filter because they are the ones that clean the air of harmful particles such as pollen or dust. If you can afford a bigger budget, look for them to contain ionizer because they get a much more efficient cleaning than the filters.


It is much more comfortable to buy a fan that has different adjustable speeds because you can adjust the intensity of the air according to the needs of the moment. In this way, you can opt for a lower and quieter intensity at night while you sleep and choose a maximum intensity at times of maximum activity.


Knowing the manufacturer’s guarantee, we will know the quality of the fan. The higher the quality guarantee We can conclude that today there are very efficient and modern tower fans with which you can cool off without spending a lot of money and also allow you to save on electricity consumption. In addition, you already know what aspects you should take into account to buy the best fan that suits your needs. So don’t wait any longer and get ready for next summer by buying a tower fan since the first thing is your well-being.

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