Things to remember while selecting a perfect back to wall toilet seat!


According to a global consulting company study, an average person spends 1 to 1.5 years of life sitting on the toilet. This is just an indication of why a comfortable toilet seat needs to be provided. Not everything in the toilet is equivalent. A poor toilet can be inconvenient to use. It can’t last long or every time you sit on the toilet, it can be the cause of your grief. If you plan to buy a fresh back to wall toilet suites, you need to take into account some stuff when choosing your toilet.

  • Be careful with mount type:

You can either use the standard mount bolt and nozzle mount or the integrated bolt and nozzle mount for your back to wall toilet suites. The standard mount is the common option in terms of ease of use. Whenever necessary, they can readily be removed and substituted. In general, the integrated boulder and nozzle mounts are better than the standard ones. But the lowest point is that they can’t be removed easily. You must exhaust the nut if necessary to remove the seat. If necessary.

  • Take the materials and complete them:

Choose the wood, plastic or coated toilet seat you prefer. The strength and durability of the plastic toilet seats are known. Most high-quality toilet plastic back to wall toilet suites are stainproof and tidy. However, in winter it can be cold to use. The toilet seats in natural wood give your toilet a high-end look. However, it is often heavier than its counterparts in plastics. Some bowl cleansers run the risk of staining or damaging them. Coiled sitting is high on the comfort level but tends to break over time.

  • Find the correct colour:

Your wall toilet suites colour can create your bathroom look great or break it. Most individuals match the colour of their toilet seat to that of the bowl, mostly white. You can continue with it if it works very well for your bathroom. But you can be a little adventurous if you wish. For example, if your bathroom has coloured fittings, your toilet can match the colour and look of your wall toilet suites. Because there are a variety of colours for the toilet seats, you won’t be short of decisions.

  • Check the characteristics:

The convenience of a bathroom is as important as anything else. You need to choose one that offers you the main functions necessary to make your users comfortable. For example, a slow closing seat does not need to be bent and avoids accidental slamming. A heated back to wall toilet suites seat is an excellent choice if you live in a cold area. You can also choose a place where you can wash hot and cold water. Smart characteristics such as self-purification, night lighting, automated toiletries, deodorizer, air dryers are available as well.

Take into consideration your bathroom design while selecting a back to wall toilet suites. The style is ideal. The correct toilet can improve your bathroom’s appearance. These days toilet seats in a broad range of styles are readily accessible. Choose whether your bathroom is modern, contemporary, minimalist, traditional or any other look.

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