3 Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Safe From Slips And Falls


Whether you’re living with kids or with older adults, protecting your family from getting hurt from slips and falls in the bathroom should be one of the highest priorities you have as far as safety in the home is concerned. But because the bathroom can often get slippery and dangerous, avoiding slips and falls needs to be something you’re actively fighting against.

To help you do this more effectively, here are three tips for keeping your bathroom safe from slip and fall hazards.

Use The Right Shower Accessories

With the amount of water that gets used in a bathroom, it’s normal for some of that to get splashed in places where it isn’t meant. But when this happens, hazards can rise drastically.

To limit this, you should try to contain the water in your bath or shower as much as possible by using the right shower accessories. If the floor of your shower is particularly slippery, you may want to put in some non-slip accessories so that anyone in the tub or shower has better traction on their feet. You should also make sure that you’re using a bathtub stopper that won’t contribute to slips and falls from tripping over it. And to keep people from having to balance on one foot for too long in the shower, consider installing a hand-held showerhead for ease of use.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Maintained

Sometimes, it’s the easiest of things that can help you make your bathroom safer and help people avoid slips and falls. Because water is so often involved when slips and falls happen in a home bathroom, you’ll want to do your best to keep water cleaned up and keep the rest of your bathroom floor clean and maintained.

To do this, make sure you’re regularly cleaning all surfaces that you stand on so that soap or mildew doesn’t build up, which can get very slippery. And as soon as water splashes out on the floor, make it a habit to wipe it up immediately.

Professionally Fit Grab Bars

If you live with people that you’re particularly worried about having a slip and fall accident in the bathroom, something you may want to do is have grab bars professionally installed in strategic places in the bathroom.

While there are grab bars that you can install yourself, these often won’t be as strong as professionally installed grab bars that are bolted to the walls through the studs. And while your bathroom may be less safe without grab bars, installing grab bars that you can’t depend on to hold you up and give you support is even more dangerous.

If you want to help everyone living in or visiting your home to avoid slips and falls in your bathroom, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how this can best be done.

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