Stone Masonry Maintenance Tips


Keeping masonry in good condition is important, especially in the harsh Scottish climate, and if your home is made from sandstone, keeping it clean can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are skilled stone restorers in Glasgow who can bring back the best to your walls, and with the know-how and the equipment, they can clean or restore any type of stone.

Stone Repointing

The cement that binds the stone together takes the full force of gale force winds and driving rain, and it sometimes need repointing, which is a time-consuming process involving a lot of skill and a very small trowel. If you have no experience working with stone, you are advised to contact a local stone mason, who can assess the situation and make suitable recommendations, and it your walls are repointed, this will add a touch of contrast, as well as protecting the joints.

Moss Removal

Moss grows anywhere there is moisture in the air, something we have a lot of in Scotland, and this can look unsightly on the sides of a property. Moss can be removed with:

  • Power wash
  • Chemicals

Moss also allows damp to remain, and if you have a build up that isn’t removed, it can cause the finish of the stone to be stained.

Sandstone Care

While sandstone looks stunning, it can become tarnished very quickly and a power wash will soon restore the surface to its original condition, or you could call a local stone mason, who employs several effective methods to clean sandstone.

If your stone work needs some TLC, talk to a stone mason, who can make some suitable suggestions on how to restore it to its former glory.

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