Extend or Relocate? Aspects to Consider


This is a dilemma that many UK homeowners face at some point, and whether to extend the existing property or upgrade to a larger home can be a difficult choice to make. Prior to making a decision, there are several aspects to consider, and with that in mind, here are some important things to bear in mind when deciding whether to extend or upgrade to a larger property.

  • Are you Happy with your Current Neighbourhood? If you have a great bunch of neighbours and even if you moved, it would not be far from where you currently reside, then you should look into extending the property. There are builders who offer affordable house extensions in Harrogate and by asking them to quote for the project, you will have a clear idea regarding cost.
  • Children’s Schooling – If moving house would likely affect your kids’ education, it might be better to extend. While it isn’t the end of the world to switch schools, it can have a dramatic effect on children, especially if they are in the least years of school.
  • The Financial Burden – Moving to a larger property will most certainly be expensive, what with the increased mortgage repayments and the legal fees that are associated with moving. If building an extension is possible, work out how much it would cost and you can balance this against the cost of upgrading to a larger house.

Many people have relocated rather than extending, only to regret their decision at a later date, and by taking all of the above into account, you can make an informed decision.

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