Preparation Tips for a Residential Roof Installation


Getting a new roof can be an exciting experience, if you’ve never seen a roofer at work you’ll be impressed at the way they operate. Kids also love to watch a professional roofer in action, they go around ripping, pulling and nailing material to the roof, all at a dizzying height. It isn’t a job for someone who doesn’t have a head for heights, roof construction in Harrogate is done by skilled professionals who have no issues working several meters above ground. Although you’ll need to do some prep before the roofers arrive, a new roof is worth it.

  • Improves aesthetic appeal
  • Prevents health hazards
  • Lowers energy costs
  • Keeps your family safe

Move Your Vehicle

You must move your car to a safe place before the roofers arrive, something could fall off the roof and damage your vehicle if you don’t park it a safe distance away. In addition, contractors need space to access their tools, so the parking space is theirs for a few days.

Cover Possession in the Attic or Loft

If your attic contains valuable belongings, or you’ve the loft converted into a bedroom, you must take steps to protect the area when the contractors do their work.

Cut the Trees & Clear Garden Furniture

Make sure branches are clear of the roof before the contractors come to work on your home, any low hanging branch must be trimmed. Store all garden furniture such as tables, chairs, barbecues in the garden shed. Everything must be moved away from the work zone.

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