Home Improvements That Add Value to a Property in Epsom and Ewell


Spending on home improvement is your one time investment. Consequently, if you’re considering making such an investment, pay attention to the transformation needed by your property. Notwithstanding, define your budget and hire a professional interior designer.

Many home improvements can be undertaken by any property owner in Epsom and Ewell. However, some are more worthwhile than others.

Before you start Home Improvement you should aware about Epsom Planning & Building Regulations

Home improvements that add more value to a property are:

1. Adding extra space


Erecting an extension is an excellent way of raising the cost of a home; further, creating more space is always a good idea.  However, consideration and thought should be vital in the process of planning.

-Loft conversions

Also, having a loft conversion is an excellent way of creating more space. Loft conversions are useful since they don’t change the house exteriors much. Besides, they can serve as extra bedrooms, study rooms, playrooms, and sometimes a den for the teenagers.

-Garage conversions

Several individuals don’t put their vehicles away nowadays, so garages are usually dumping grounds for old tools, bits and bobs. Therefore, why not invest in a shed for such items and utilize the space for an extra room in your home?


These are another excellent way of creating extra living space. However, they tend to be too cold in the winter and too hot in summer. Therefore, the property owner should consider some ways of cooling it down or heating it appropriately.

  1. Adding a new kitchen

Updating the kitchen is one of the best ways of adding value to any home. More so, well fitted, welcoming as well as stylish kitchens are known to market houses. For instance, if a buyer falls in love with the kitchen, you’re halfway to making a sale! However, improving the kitchen doesn’t have to cost a lot, but simple refurbishments can sometimes be all that is required.

  1. Replacing the bathroom

As with the kitchen, this is another area that is prioritized by many buyers. They expect to see modern and clean suites; therefore, old and outdated bathrooms can put them off.

  1. Adding extra bathrooms

It’s an excellent idea to incorporate additional bathrooms if there is enough space available. To save time while queuing to shower in the morning, modern families love to have more than one bathroom.

  1. Decorating bedrooms

Bedrooms offer ultimate warmth; therefore, you need to be extra cautious in this area. Use neutral soothing colors for the walls, in case you fancy something unique, add texture to the walls with stenciling or rubber-stamping.

Also, furnish the bedrooms appropriately by the use of proper sets of furniture to add luster to the entire ambiance. Additionally, you can enhance the glow by using light-shades or designer lamps.

  1. Repainting

Fresh painting using modern colors and textures can make your home look as good as new. Besides, you don’t require repainting the entire house to create a noticeable change. Consider painting just one wall or the ceiling, and you’ll notice significant improvement.

There are various alternatives in Epsom and Ewell to choose from for home improvement. Whether you make big or small changes, wise ways for home improvement always add value to your home.

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