Home Interior Colours for your Modern Home


Painting your home interiors can give them a completely new look. Depending on your preferences, you can paint the entire room or just create an accent wall. Make sure that you do not choose the colour randomly. The colour sets the mood and tone of the interiors. Hence, you should choose colours that reflect your personality and match your lifestyle. If you are not sure about which home colour design you must choose for your modern interiors, here are a few options for you to draw inspiration from:

01 of 08 Greys

Different shades of grey have stayed in fashion for the past few years and are still one of the best options for modern home interiors. Depending on your choice, you can either pick warm undertones, cool undertones, or a combination of both. Make sure you choose other elements that will complement the grey shades like wood and earthy accents for a natural feel. For a warmer look, you can opt for fresh linens.

02 of 08 Different undertones of white

White has always been one of the most popular colours for home interior designs. One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is its ability to make a room appear bigger. Hence, white is widely used in small homes. Further, white reflects more light and makes the space brighter. It also sets a great backdrop for your furniture pieces and allows other decor elements to take the centre stage. Additionally, you can opt for textural and tinted whites. To set a welcoming and comforting feel, choose a combination of a warm or creamy tone and a pink or yellow tint. Use an undertone of off-white for the backdrop and accentuate it with blue and black elements for a sophisticated and elegant feel.

03 of 08 Dark hues of blue

If you want to add more character and personality to a space, choose dark hues of blue. Whether you want to paint your gallery, library, living room, or just create an accent wall, deep, vibrant hues of blue will work in all kinds of spaces. It will help you to create a stunning background for your wall gallery. If you want neither dark blue nor light blue, you can choose denim blue. It is an excellent choice for modern home colour design.

04 of 08 Green

Different shades of dark green like hunter green, emerald green, or forest green are used in home interior designs to give them a more natural feel. As people are currently spending longer time in their homes, using green for home interiors helps them to feel closer to nature. Further, dark shades of green add more depth to any space. You can introduce hints of blue and grey for a more appealing look. Experts also introduce ornate mirrors, metallic accents, and huge artworks to complement the overall look.

05 of 08 Muted pink

Pink is a very versatile colour and can be used in various places. There are various shades of pink you can use like dusty pinks, salmon, and muted shades. Muted pink has witnessed a huge surge in recent times and will continue to dominate the upcoming trends. You can combine muted shades of pink with blues and greys to create a calming and peaceful vibe. This home colour design is mostly preferred in modern bedrooms and living rooms. If you have rose gold or copper accessories in the kitchen, it can be a great choice for your cabinets and drawers.

06 of 08 Purple

Using shades of purple for your home interiors can be a great idea. You can use this colour to create a stylish and appealing interior design. Choose muted, rich shades of purple for your living room or guest room. The colour can create a very calming and vibrant effect. Combine it with luxurious furnishing to give your interiors a sophisticated and stunning look.

07 of 08 Shades of yellow

If you want to opt for a versatile colour that can create a very positive vibe in the room, choose yellow. You can combine this colour with shades of various colours like green, red, pink, cool blues, etc. Make sure you pick a shade that is close to food items like turmeric or honey. You can use it anywhere from your kitchen, bedroom to your balcony.

08 of 08 Terracotta

Terracotta has a timeless appeal and will forever remain in fashion. This earthy tone can be used in almost all the rooms in the house. It is a warm reddish-orange colour that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Pair it with various natural decor items for a stunning look. It complements various colours as well like muted shades of mustard, cream, green, red, white, pink, and cerulean blue.

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