How to Store Wooden Logs for the Winter


As the night’s get colder and the winter winds approach, you should be thinking about stocking up on fuel for the cold period ahead. For most the cold weather is unwelcome, but it gives us the opportunity to cuddle up next to a wood burning fire and enjoy a movie or one of our favourite Netflix series. If you are planning on visiting a fuel shop in Swadlincote for coal or wooden logs, make sure you get enough to last you for the winter. Some coal merchants deliver, so you won’t have to leave your home.

When choosing a coal merchant to buy your goods, make sure they’ve an assortment of products on offer, including:

  • Logs
  • Kindling
  • Coal
  • Pre-packed Fuel
  • Taybrite

Once you’ve purchased your wooden logs for the winter, you must store them in the right place, otherwise they’ll be useless as a fuel source.

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The best place to store them is next to the door, you don’t want to have to venture across an icy garden in the middle of the night with a handful of heavy logs. If you don’t have room by the door, why not invest in a small log storage unit? This can be kept outside, giving you easy access to dry wood. You can store the main pile in a shed at the bottom of your garden.

Waterproof Cover

If you don’t fancy buying a storage unit, stack them on a wooden pallet and cover them with a waterproof sheet to protect the wood from the elements.

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