How Easy is it to Convert a Loft?


This is a question many UK homeowners ask, as they ponder the idea of getting that much needed extra living space from a loft conversion, and if you are thinking about such a project, there’s no reason why you can’t convert your loft into a pleasant area that can be utilised in many ways.

Carpentry Skills

Most of the work involved in a loft conversion uses timber, and with expert bespoke loft conversions in Lewes and surrounding areas, you are not far from the right company. Here is list of things that need to be done when converting a loft.

  • Installing a Chipboard Floor – Nailing the sheets directly onto the joists will provide you with a solid floor, just remember to remove the fibreglass lost insulation first, as you now want your heat to enter the loft.
  • Cladding the Walls – Best done with plywood, which can either be painted or wallpapered. With some rock wool insulation behind.
  • Create a Ceiling – Plywood is the best material, which can be screwed to the roof rafters, and after a fair degree of cutting pieces to precise measurements, the entire area would be clad in timber.
  • Extending the Hatch and Installing a Drop Down Ladder – This allows easy access.
  • Inserting Two Skylights – Preferably units that can open, and with one at each end, you will have adequate natural lighting.
  • Boxing in the Water Tank and Pipes – Some intricate carpentry involved, but nothing your local loft conversion specialist can’t handle.

Some LED lighting, a few coats of paint, and your new space is ready to be furnished, and the contractor would issue you with a long warranty on your new loft, which can be used in a multitude of ways to provide you and your family with extra living space.

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