Protect your Employees with Fall Protection Systems


Gone were those days, when there are only fewer choices to decide on the fall protection systems, however with the number of manufacturers in the marketplace, choosing the types have become an easy process. Moreover, the manufacturers want to take advantage of technological innovations and try to create new strides in occupational safety.

Generally, people have a common perception that fall protection system of wearing a full-body harness that is connected with roof safety anchor points is essential only for construction sites. However, it is not true, fall protection is important for all employees such as painters, chimney sweeps, worker mounting the solar panels and many more who work at more than 10 feet. As a matter of fact, when it comes to quick maintenance jobs, fall protection is often overlooked because of some difficulties.

Which is the most suitable anchor for your need?

Basically, roof safety anchor points help protect the employers as well as the employees from fall hazards. Anchors points are majorly used in two different aspects, one as a fall arrest systems to safeguard a worker during a free fall in heights and the second being the most common purpose, the rope access system to climb or go downhill or slope when suspended by a harness. However, depending on the types of roof, the roof safety anchor points differ.

Let us see some of the different roof types and determine which can be the suitable anchor point for these roof types

Commercial Roof – This type of roof is often the most challenging when compared to other roof types. Although it is flat and featureless with/without parapets yet when the workers come for inspection or carry out errands, fall protection becomes essential. It can be either temporary or permanent anchor points. This is perhaps the most effective solution so when the worker comes, they can connect the harness to the anchor points and proceed with their labor.

Residential Roof -There was no fall protection regulation for residential buildings however rising fatalities have made this mandatory. There is a wide variant of fall protection equipment available for residential buildings and they are relatively inexpensive. The roof safety anchors can be attached to the wooden frames or roof itself.

Standing seam roof – They are specific type of roof so they require special roof safety anchor points like clamp style anchors or non-penetrating anchors that can offer good safety against heights. These anchors have 360-degree mobility and are very portable.

To Sum it up

The job that involves working with a roof is often dangerous regardless of the type of building whether residential or commercial. One of the important aspect that comes to play is the safety. Although there are variety of height safety equipment, yet roof safety anchor points is inevitably the best choice for all roof type jobs.

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