Getting Good Tradesmen on your Team


If you are involved in any form of property development or new build project you will know just how crucial it is to get the right people on your team. From electricians to plumbers to tilers to brickies, having the right team on board significantly increases the chances of completing a job both on time and to budget.

Where do I start looking for these Tradesmen?

In the absence of any word of mouth recommendations, you will probably begin your search on the internet. If, for example, your project is based in the West Midlands or surrounding areas, you can start by typing something like, ‘roofing companies near me Birmingham’ into a search engine. This search term will present a list of roofing companies that are based near you. The same methodology can also be used to find the other tradesmen you need for the job.

When you have identified potential tradesmen to join your team, you will need to perform some due diligence before they sign on the dotted line, you will need to check the following:

  • Do they have the necessary experience?
  • Are they suitably qualified?
  • Do you they hold the relevant cards?
  • Are they aware of Health and Safety Legislation?

If you can find positive answers to the above questions, you stand a good chance of putting a great team together, a team that works together for the greater good and will ultimately provide a finished result that you and your clients can be proud of.

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