3 Tips For Organizing Your Clothes Closet


If you were to randomly open most people’s clothes closet, you’d likely find a huge mess with clothes, shoes, and accessories all over the place. But while storing your clothes like this might be convenient in the moment, when you’re trying to find what you need or see what you have available, a closet that’s completely disorganized will make things much harder. 

Knowing this, it’s wise to try to find a solution for keeping your closet organized in such a way that won’t require a lot of effort on your part. To assist you in doing this, here are three tips for organizing your clothes closet. 

Keep Similar Items Together

The first thing you’ll want to consider when reorganizing your closet is how you’ll group similar items together. By keeping like items physically close to one another, your closet will be much more user friendly as you try to find what you need or pick out clothes to wear. 

According to Elizabeth Larkin, a contributor to The Spruce, you should not only keep similar items next to each other, but you should also store those items in the same way. This means that if you’re wanting to fold your sweaters and hang your jeans, you do this for each and every one of these items in your closet. And if you have clothes specific to something like hunting or another activity you participate in, try to section out of part of your closet just for those clothes so they don’t get mixed up with everything else. 

Embrace Making Donations

Many times, people’s clothes closet gets out of control because they have too many items for the space they’re trying to fit them in.

If this is the case for you, you should try to embrace regularly donating items that you realize you don’t wear anymore or haven’t used for a while. According to Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore, contributors to HGTV.com, most people actually only wear 10 to 20 percent of the clothes they own. So with this in mind, you could probably donate more than half of what’s in your current closet in order to make more room for organization options. 

Customize Your Storage Options

Regardless of how your clothes closet is currently set up, Stephanie Sisco, a contributor to Real Simple, advises that you bring in additional customized storage options for your closet. Depending on what kind of clothes and accessories you have, you might want to rearrange the height of any shelves you’re using, add baskets or buckets for certain items, or find another storage solution that will work for you. 

If you’re needing to find some helpful ways to keep your clothes closet more organized, consider using the tips mentioned above to discover solutions that might work in your closet. 

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