Types Of Rodents Invading Homes


Dealing with rodents in the house is an irritating task for every homeowner. These creatures spread foul smells, defecate here and there in the house, spread dangerous diseases, and ruin the overall environment of the house.

In order to deal with your rodent problem effectively, it is essential to know exactly what type of rodent there is in your house. Rats and mice have various types and have different characteristics. Therefore, you need different Rodent control methods to remove them from your house.

Different types of rodents invading homes

Norway rats.

Norway rats measure about 10 inches and are one of the largest species. They have thick brown fur with shades of black. These rats are mostly active at night; thus, they are nocturnal. They often enter homes in search of food and stay in the undisturbed areas of the house, such as crawl spaces or basements.

Norway rats have strong teeth and gnaw various items, from paper and cloth to plastic and pipes. To prevent them from infesting your home, seal all garbage cans tightly and check the foundation for holes.

House mice.

As the name reveals, house mice are the most commonly found mice in homes across the United States. They usually nest in the dark and undisturbed areas of the house, such as the basement and attic. It can be challenging to remove house mice as these creatures are excellent at climbing, jumping, and squeezing through small holes and gaps. To protect your house from house mice infestation, make sure you keep your house clean as these mice are drawn to unclean areas.

Deer mice.

Deer mice usually live in tree hollows, log piles, and old fence posts. They are rarely a problem in residential houses. However, they can wander into homes during winters or when food is scarce. They often stay in sheds, barns, and cabins.

Deer mice are a carrier of hantavirus, a group of viruses that can sometimes be fatal to human beings. Therefore, their prevention is crucial. Keep pet food or birdseed in stored containers or inside your houses to avoid attracting these mice.

Roof rats.

Roof rats are 8 inches long with gray fur and shades of black. These rats are excellent climbers and, therefore, live in higher buildings, trees, and homes. This species prefers to live in colonies and eat fruits, but they will mostly eat anything they can find.

To prevent them, it is essential to clean up any fallen fruit on your property to avoid attracting them.

Rats and mice are known to reproduce quickly and multiply in numbers before you know it. Therefore, removing these rodents is certainly not a “do-it-yourself” job. If you suspect rodents in your property, call experts today.

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