Don’t fall for cheap options, invest in timber!


There was a time when iron and other composite material hogged a lot of limelight from wooden furniture but that didn’t last long. This sudden craze for classic looks and material has brought wooden furniture back into the limelight. But the question is, is it only the craze or there are some actual reasons behind this sudden increase in demand for wooden furniture.

Well, there are numerous reasons that favour wooden furniture over any other material. Now, there are different types of wood available in the market and timber is one of them. Timber is not a wood itself. It is a type of processed wood turned into planks and beams. Timbers are mainly used for construction work but they can be used for furniture also. In terms of furniture usage timber is widely used in making beds. Timber beds in Sydney have a wide range of beds to fit your needs.


Aesthetic appeal: The biggest benefit of a timber bed is its aesthetic quality; no other material can match this. You will a lot of beds with the wooden finish but they are nowhere near the real thing. A timber bed is suitable for any home décor and your chance of going wrong with it is next to none. A timber bed with a dark polish can transform the look of your bedroom. Ask timber beds in Sydney for the polish options.

Durability & reliability: Timber beds are famous for their structural rigidity and durability. One timber with proper care will last for at least two generations easily. You will find century-old timber beds in antique shops and they can still beat any other material. So, once you buy a timber bed you are set for life.

Maintenance: Wooden furniture is the easiest to maintain. So a timber bed won’t behave otherwise. Just regular dusting and once in a while application of soap mixed in warm water is good too but don’t rub it just apply it on the wood and then clean it with a soft cloth. Polish and repairing work after every few years will also help to keep the bed good as new. You can ask timber beds Sydney for maintenance.

Anti-corrosive: Hardwood timbers are known for their anti-corrosion quality. The natural dense and compact nature of the hardwood makes it anti-corrosive.

Also, hardwood timbers like mahogany are famous for its insect repellent quality. Mahogany has a natural smell that prevents it against termites.

The only downside here is the cost but that shouldn’t be an issue. Because if you think clearly you will understand that it’s actually an investment. A timber bed may cost some extra money at the beginning but it will last your lifetime and maybe your son’s also. Apart from that with time, this piece of furniture will become an antique and everyone knows what sort of prices antique furniture attracts.

So, don’t over think too much just look for timber beds in Sydney and you will find a lot of places. But before you buy one, do your research, negotiate the price and most importantly choose the right design and polish.

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