Different Types Of House Number Plaques


Two things in life always remain irreparable, that is time and first impression. When somebody visits your home for the first time, the first thing they look for is the address. If someone is visiting you for the first time, they will search your house through house number. You cannot compromise on having an attractive and appealing house number plaque.

In this article, we’ll share different types of house number plaques. These will allure you to have one of these at your house today. You can choose the one that suits your house, whether you are living in a bungalow, villa, farmhouse, etc. Keep reading to know more about it:

Wooden house number plaque

Wooden house number plaques are not a new idea, but the number of advanced designs available these days are endless. A wooden house number plaque is one of the best ideas. You can choose different materials of numbers on the wooden plaque to give it a unique decorative impact. You can have multiple customisation options in this plaque.

Engraved house number plaque

The engraved house number plaque is the oldest on our list. There are multiple font choices available to engrave on this plaque. You can get it customised in any colour like gold, copper, silver, white and black. It comes in different sizes as well.

House number plaque with plant-holder

A plaque with a plant-holder looks amazing. It has everything in it that can increase the charm of your house. This plaque is mainly for the people who are plant lovers. You can choose high-contrast numbering to ensure that the address is visible from a distance.

Aluminium house number plaque

Aluminium plaque is great to survive in any environment. This plaque is solid enough that it will never drop off and cannot be detached. It is a very simple plaque yet look so beautiful to have at any kind of house.

Stainless steel house number plaque

The stainless-steel house number plaque offers great perceptibility. You can use a bigger number on a plaque to have amazing visibility. Stainless steel looks great if combined with white or black colour. You can have a stainless steel house number plaque on a dark wall for a perfect look.

Crystal-light house number plaque

The crystal-light house number plaque is one of the most updated plaques. You can use heavy crystal glass for such plaques and they will look beautiful. You can pick gold, bronze, and silver colour to get a proper finish and that will perfectly suit your house.

Reflective house number plaque

It is one of the best number plaques for those houses which are not very near to street lights. The reflective numbering will provide clear visibility from a distance and at night as well. You can pick any colour for such plaques.

These are the different types of house number plaques. You can pick any of the above to decorate your house in a better way. Having a numbered plaque will make it easier for the visitors to locate your house.

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