If Your Bedroom Photos Aren’t Turning Out Okay, It’s Time For A Makeover


If there’s one skill everybody’s getting better at with time, it’s the skill of taking great photos with nothing but a few lighting changes, your smartphone, and a bit of editing. And by simply going over most people’s history of pictures on Instagram, or any social media platform for that matter, you can quickly spot out how everybody’s style and technique has changed over the years.

However, during the height of the pandemic and even until today, most photos were secluded to what was available at home and most often revolved around the bedroom since it’s where most people ended up spending the majority of their time. But, if your photos haven’t been looking any better or you feel they’re losing their essence, then it might not be your outfits to blame but the actual room itself that’s in dire need of a makeover or even a complete renovation.

Try Incorporating a Cottagecore Style

If you want something more natural with a soft touch, you can try incorporating a Cottagecore style into your bedroom with a few furniture changes to get that idealized rural lifestyle look that’s to die for. Sure, it might cost you a bit upfront, but since it can work with most bedrooms, this theme is very accessible. Just try not to overdo it with your first try because there’s never a guarantee that you’ll still love the design in person.

A Beautiful Bed Canopy

Bed canopies are something you see in fiction and fairy tales, and while they certainly exist in the real world as well, most modern homes feature ones that look contemporary and grandstanding instead of down-to-earth. For a Cottagecore appeal, you can drape them with curtains and sprawling vines, depending on how natural you want to make the entire look come out. Of course, you’re free to add more greenery if that suits your aesthetic.

Buying Antique Furniture

No Cottagecore style is ever complete without buying antique furniture, and while they may not be the most functional items, they do look great as design pieces. There are plenty of artisan shops that sell these types of items but don’t expect them to come cheap because these crafts are specifically handmade. Plus, you could also try upcycled furniture pieces because they can even rival some of the more high-end options.

Go for Something With Coastal Vibes

Apart from Cottagecore, Coastal vibes are equally beautiful design themes for a bedroom. Since most of the color palette exudes calmness, it’s a perfect match for a room meant for relaxation. On paper, there are plenty of ways to complete the aesthetic for this room because people enjoy their beach time differently. But, if you ask, painting with seaside colors and getting hand-woven rugs for the floor are the best options.

Painting Seaside Colors

Nothing brings out the beauty of a room better than a fresh paint job, and if you’re playing with the different hues and blues of the ocean, your backsplash might encourage you to plan a weekend beach getaway. If you want to get a warm appeal, neutrals combined with a spectrum of blues can never go wrong. However, if you want a bit more impact with your design, adding soft pinks, greens, and yellows can work just as well.

Getting Hand-woven Rugs 

Although neutral-colored furniture sounds like an excellent investment, you must get hand-woven rugs first because they occupy the most real estate in your bedroom and look fabulous on hardwood floors. The secret is playing with different shades, and since these rugs are pretty durable, you can bet your design will last for quite some time before you start noticing any visible wear and tear. However, try going for a hand-woven rug that covers the most space instead of multiple rugs.

Out With the Old and in With the New

Last but not least, while general makeovers and tweaks to design are excellent options to make your bedroom look more aesthetic for backdrops in your photos, it’s still better to prioritize replacing older items for new ones. So, before you consider a fresh paint job, maybe buying new windows for better comfort would be a better investment.

Plus, it also increases the home’s value and gives you a more modern canvas to work on once you decide to switch up the theme for your bedroom design.

Let Your Creative Side Run Wild

Overall, if you’ve made the conscious decision to make a few changes around your bedroom to make it look nicer for the sake of more aesthetic photos and better living standards, feel free to let your creative side run wild. The last thing you’d want to happen is to regret not doing enough, so remember you can tone things down a bit after everything is finished.

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