Real Estate Options that are Perfect in Costa Del Sol: The Choices You make


Becoming a homeowner in Costa Del Sol is the dream of many of you. The reasons are diverse: looking for a profitable investment, spending your retirement by the sea, acquiring a pied-à-Terre in the sun for the holidays, expatriating, etc.

Best Real Estate Choices Now

But getting into a buying process in Costa Del Sol when the right agents are not there is not always easy. The disadvantages can be numerous: ignorance of Spanish legislation and its purchasing process, lack of language proficiency, numerous trips to visit the properties. Engaging in the acquisition of real estate in Costa Del Sol can be a hassle and sometimes even a nightmare.

So that you have a clearer idea, here are the 6 important points to know before starting your purchase project in Costa Del Sol. We will also give you our advice as an expert to make this project a success. Among the costa del sol real estate choices, you can find the best options now.

Defining in-depth the property sought

This step is essential. It is important to take your time and define all the characteristics of the property you are looking for, surface area, type of property (apartment, studio, terraced house, villa, etc.), number of bedrooms, terrace, garden, swimming pool, garage, view. As you look for the V59 Villa Christina, V44 Villa Blanca or V45 Villa Fiona. They have the best arrangements, be it the bedrooms or the German kitchens and bathrooms. You can find the best choices with these villas.

  • Another essential point: knowing what the purpose of this acquisition is to rent, to live there all year, to spend the holidays, the search criteria will not be the same depending on these different situations.
  • It is also necessary to take into consideration the geographic location of the property and its environment proximity to the sea, quiet location day and night, in the city centre, sought after area for rental, and yes, the environment must be adapted to our needs. Therefore, it is recommended to know the area where you want to buy.
  • Let’s not forget the budget, essential to know if our purchase plan is realistic or not.

Our advice as real estate hunters in Costa Del Sol

If you entrust your project to a specialist property hunter in the area you want, he will take care of everything:

  • He will provide the definition to you of the specifications of the property to be sought (characteristics, budget, criteria, etc.).
  • Validation of the feasibility of your project.
  • Advice and help to define the areas to target, which correspond to your expectations.

Visit to find the rare pearl

Search and visit to find the rare pearl in Costa Del SolWith the internet, it is not difficult to find a property in Costa Del Sol. But you are not immune to certain deceptive practices carried out by real estate agencies and individuals such as photos that do not reflect reality, a description of the property not entirely realistic.

Visiting is essential if you want to be sure to make a good purchase. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest constraints of not being there: no time to invest in multiple visits, significant travel costs, missed opportunities.

Our adviser

Going through a research area professional is the best solution. We visit the parties for you, taking into account your needs and expectations. Once the goods have been selected, we organize 2-3 days of visits with you, to make you discover only the goods which correspond to your expectations in the zone which suits you best. No waste of time!

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