Current Home Interior Designs To Follow


Like any other field, home interior designing is also evolving with the notion of uniqueness. The vintage look is making a comeback by maintaining the needs of the present generation in mind. The pace with which new styles and patterns are emerging is making it challenging to enjoy them fully.

After observing current & contemporary trends, we have piled up the latest interior layouts for your reference.

Biophilic design

This unique design generates an element of Mother Nature in modern interiors through the use of direct and indirect natural conditions. It amalgamates with the contemporary layouts which in turn, can encourage a harmonious balance between the two.

It incorporates the beauty of nature through water fountains or indoor plants. Use of stones and nature paintings are also taken into consideration.

Earth tone colours can also be used on floors or walls. While oceanic blue embraces cool effect, shades of brown can provide wooden appeal.

Curvatures in furniture

Gone are the days of the regular and line geometric furnishings. The limited symmetrical shapes in furniture have today been evolved into a more fascinating curved look. Hardly anyone can deny its aesthetic charm.

The harsh corners and straight lines have been replaced with softness and easy flow. The curved sofas have become conversation centric and guest friendly.

They also provide the benefit of occupying sculptures. They offer dual usage as art models can be put on their outer arms.

Elegant floors

Contrasting colours and patterns can truly enhance the scope of the dynamic environment in your interiors.

Floors and ceilings which provide eccentric statement can incorporate sensation like no other.

For example, Blackwood flooring is glossy and divergent. It can make your home look stand apart. Geometric tiles include a professional and modern appeal. Cork flooring has become reasonably popular recently and as it is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Memphis design

The design which used to be considered an awkward one is now back. Different styles with a combination of basic colours and patterns are now back in the trend in modern times. Also, framed canvas printing in a variety of designs can be used to display your own creative ideas on the walls.

The fundamental challenge that lies for sophisticated and modern interior design is how to combine a set of different colours, patterns and pieces of art. The best way to overcome it is to know the purpose and functionality of each set of combinations in accordance with different rooms of the home.

Hence, try to work out with an interior designer to get better insights for your preference. 

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