Common Myths and Facts about Hardwood Flooring


There are numerous myths surrounding hardwood floorings, such as having high cost of maintenance. Typically these theories are false and yet, many still believe them. As a result of these myths, several homeowners get turned off installing the lovely flooring in their homes. Here, we have mentioned a few myths and facts about hardwood flooring.

Installation in Kitchen

Kitchens are amongst the most popular installations for hardwood flooring. Hardwood floor installation Mission Hills KS can withstand very heavy traffic. But mopping the floor regularly will cause the finish to dull. Moisture from a wet mop can also harm the surface, because there is no mixture of wood and water. The best cleaning choice is to use a micro fiber dust cloth on the hardwood instead.

Possibility of Scratching

Both species and flooring styles suffer from wear and tear over time. Wood floors, however, are among the only types that can be repaired and made to look new again. Much of the damage does not happen on the wood itself, but on finish. This can be quickly patched by light sanding, finished by a finishing coat. The floor can be sanded and finished to deeper scratches.

Flooring Cost

A hardwood floor repair Mission Hills may initially cost more than other flooring types but it is one of the most cost-effective options available. If properly installed and maintained, hardwood floors can last for a long time. Hardwood can be sanded and refined repeatedly throughout its entire lifetime.

Investment in Hardwood Flooring

A Hardwood floor installation Mission Hills KS has the potential to add significant value to your home. Some buyers are prepared to pay extra for flooring with hardwood. They are more attractive because they are easy to clean, and therefore ideal for both children and adults. Often, this can be a stylish choice for homeowners who plan to entertain lots of visitors.

Consideration of Wood Type

Engineered wood is one kind of hardwood. Equipped wood planks consist of many layers of wood veneers and wood. The only non-wood part is the adhesive used to fasten the veneers together, and the protective finish added. They are made from real wood and when installed look exactly the same as solid hardwood floorings.

Withstanding Capability

Hardwood flooring has the features to suit any lifestyle. Different hardwood species and types have differing degrees of durability and hardness. A further contributor to the overall durability is finishing. Many of the products available on the wood finishing market can reduce wear and tear on the wood.

Purpose of Waxing the Floor

There is no need to polish hardwood floors that have been polished by professionals. But, once it’s waxed, it can’t be refinished because it prevents proper sticking of the new coating. It’s also rather hard to get the wax off the hardwood floor. This can require sanding all the way down to the wood’s bare texture.

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