Common Heating System Issues People Face during the Winter Season


Cold days in Texas start from November to February, thus, these are the months when our heating systems are heavily used. Of course, the units are running almost 24 hours a day to keep the house warm enough. Therefore, due to usage, we can’t avoid experiencing glitches on our furnaces since they’re just machines.

We can’t be warming our homes traditionally, especially when we’re living in the city. That’s why we need trustworthy HVAC technicians for emergencies. Click here to find out more on how to find service providers. Keep in mind that we must hire professionals since there’s a risk when electrical-related issues are involved.

All sorts of problems may occur during the winter season because this is when our usage is extremely high. Pretty sure that some homeowners may not be aware of these matters. Therefore, let’s try to identify the common heating issues that you might face at home.

Not Warm Enough

How can you survive this season when the room isn’t warm enough? Pretty sure that it would affect your daily routines so the temperature must work. I know that homeowners are busy as it is with various chores and other activities.

However, when maintenance is lacking, your units could malfunction. You should have made sure that the furnace was serviced regularly to prevent this issue. This usually happens when the unit’s size is quite small for your room, blocked vents, ductwork leaks, and incorrect thermostat settings to name a few.

We need experts to inspect the heating system to find solutions to our problems during cold seasons – click for preparations. They may suggest a replacement, reconfigure settings, change parts, fix issues, or clean blockages.

Disturbing Noise

Old heating systems are undoubtedly creating loud and disturbing noise; thus, your neighbor must be complaining about this. If you’ve been using your units for ages, then maybe it’s time to install new ones since they’re more efficient. This will help you cut down your energy bills and avoid frequent repairs as well.

You’ll know that the machines are in good condition when they’re quietly working. But banging and popping noises as if they’ll explode any minute is a good reason for repairs or replacement. When the machine isn’t old, there could be loose screws, bearings might have worn out, a dirty blower, or its motor is already failing.

Don’t ignore the noise because it’s indeed disturbing. The problem may get worse when your furnace won’t be inspected on time. So, you better visit the nearest HVAC service provider in your locality.

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Strange Increase in Energy Bills

As homeowners, you’re very much aware of how much you’re paying every month. Of course, it’s surprisingly odd when your bill is too high. Therefore, you must seek an expert’s help since you’ll be curious about this incident.

Such a spike in your consumption isn’t something you can ignore. Since it’s cold, you’ll assume that you’re using the heating system and other electrical appliances excessively than your usual use. At some point, you’ll realize that the sudden rise could be something else – look at this for other reasons.

This means that the unit functions inefficiently, especially when heat is unevenly distributed at home. There could be leaking pipes, windows or doors must be sealed properly, and insulation might be poorly installed. Now, if you could consult technicians, then everything will be regulated.

Malfunctioning Pilot Light

Homeowners who prefer gas-operated furnaces may encounter this problem. When the pilot light is always going out, there could be issues with the vent pipe. This is a passage for cold air and makes flame go out, but we can’t just keep on relighting it.

Other things that the experts will inspect are heat exchanger cracks, clogged valves, and not to forget if you’re low on gas. Sometimes this leads to gas leaks as well and when that happens your family is at risk. Know that a fire may start in your house and that would put you in big trouble.

Another thing to consider here is maintenance because the mouth of your pilot lights may be dirty. When there’s grim all over the mouth, it has to be cleaned by brushing. After this step and this problem continues, call a technician for help to prevent the worsening of such a situation.

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