Common Automatic Garage Door Problems To Look Out For


Homeowners love automatic garage doors because of the security and convenience they offer. But like any mechanical device, they may experience breakdowns. 

It’s frustrating to have a garage door that doesn’t respond to your remote control or acting finicky. It may delay your routine and make you get to work late. Maintaining these garage doors will increase their durability. But knowing the common problems to look out for will help you take action before it’s too late. This article highlights some common automatic garage door problems that you need to look out for. 

  • Snapped Or Popped Off Cables

If your garage doors’ cables disengage, they’ll malfunction. Disengagement occurs when torsion springs break, making the cable to snap. Snapped cables may damage the walls or your vehicle. If your family member is on the cable’s way, they may be seriously injured. Call a professional to fix your cables if you’ve noticed they’ve snapped. 

  • Reversing Before Closing

Modern garage door openers have sensors that prevent them from closing on pets or children. So if you notice it’s reversing to its open position, something may be obstructing the sensors. A quick sensor check on the side of the doors can help you solve the problem. Ensure they’re aimed at each other across the width of the frame. 

  • Broken Or Loose Seals

If your garage door starts to allow dirt, insects, water, and debris to creep into the garage space, it may be a sign that the seal is loose or broken. Fortunately, you can replace seals easily. You only need to visit your home improvement store and buy a new weather stripping. Some may come with cocking guns and adhesives for an extra ceiling. 

If you haven’t purchased a weather stripping with garage-specific kits, ensure you trim it to fit the door’s width. 

  • Door Opens And Automatically Closes

If you notice your garage door opening and closing without the remote control, it may be responding to somebody else’s remote. If that’s the case, erasing codes and reprogramming your remote may solve the problem. But if the problem persists, check the wiring between the mortar unit and wall control. The opening and closing may be happening because of a short circuit in the mortar unit. Replacing the wire will remedy the situation. 

  • Door Refuses To Open

Your electric garage door may refuse to open because of several reasons. Your remote control may be out of range, or there may be an obstacle between the remote control and the receiver. Pressing the control button on the wall will help you confirm if this is the problem. 

If you don’t see any change after pressing the wall control button, the problem could be on the door tracks. Readjusting them will solve the issue. If you’re unsure where the problem is, call a garage door installer to fix it.

Summing Up

Automatic garage doors are an excellent fit for your home. But like other electronic devices, they may develop problems. Knowing the common issues they develop will help you to get a solution quickly. If you’re not sure where the problem is, call your garage door installer.

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