Why Front Load Washer Singapore Are Better Options?


Washing machines are important to home appliances in the present time. If you have a lot of laundries to be done every day, then the washing machine is the best option. When searching the stores you will come across two main types – Top load and front load type washer.

The front-load type washing machine offers users numerous advantages of its own. the merits may also vary from one model type to another.

  • Each brand will offer unique functions and specs that you should consider before selecting.
  • In general, these types are fully automatic in functions.
  • You just have to make a few setting selections and the rest will be done by the system.

Most users prefer these types you too can get familiar with the common merits of selecting front load washer Singapore home appliance.

1.Uses less water quantity

As compared to the top-loading type, front load washers use water quantity that is optimum. As compared to the top-loading type, you may have to spend in over 40 percent less water for each wash. So, if you have water issues in your society, then you should only go with the front load type.

This is also one reason why most homeowners prefer this type. You don’t have to worry about setting up new drainage lines as well.

2.Spin cycle

Front-load washing machines offer the fast spin cycle. So if you have tough stains and clothes to wash, then the front load is more effective. The motor fitted in these machines is tuned to operate at a faster speed.

The cycle completes within a short period. You can also expect better quality wash every time you use it.

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3.Quality factor

The front-load washer offers a better quality wash. The motor and the tub are tested for performance. Due to the lack of obstructions, the machine is not very harsh on clothes. It helps in removing all types of stains gently.

The rate of spin is also high speed so the clothes are dry the moment the cycle completes. In terms of quality wash, front load machines have always been highly rated

4.Low energy bills

Washing machines make use of a heavy-duty motor. The moment you switch on the machine the motor starts running for spin action the motor has to run at a very high speed. Higher the speed of the spin, the higher the energy bill.

But this is not true with the front load washing machine. The motor used on the front-load type makes use of a specialized tumbler and belt drive. This offers the tumbler with the desired speed. At the same time, the electricity bill is also lower.

So, energy-wise, the front load type is more energy efficient. The top-load, on the other hand, have to bear the complete load of the water and clothes. So they consume more energy.


As compared to top load type, front load machines have much higher capacity. You can stuff in more clothes and less water. This is always a good selection.

In general front load types are also equipped with the perfect heating system. So the clothes are completely dried when washed. Cost-wise also you will find front load machines are not very expensive as compared to ease and quality.

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