All you Need to Know About LPG Boilers


Liquid Petroeum Gas (LPG) boilers are designed mainly for homes that are not connected to the natural gas network, and there are more than 4 million such dwellings in the UK. LPG is used in many ways: cars can run on it, it can be used for cooking, and, of course, LPG can power your hot water and heating system. If you are thinking of installing an LPG heating system, you’ll be happy to learn that it is cheaper to run that an oil based heating system, and is on a par with the natural gas version, in terms of running costs.

LPG Storage Tank

As the system requires a constant supply of LPG, you will need to have an LPG storage tank, which is filled by a supplier, and with super-efficient LPG boiler suppliers in East Cornwall, your system can be installed, tested and is ready for use. The storage tank is connected to the heating system, and when the boiler needs to fire, it is supplied with LPG directly from the storage tank.

The LPG Heating System

An LPG heating and hot water system consists of the following:

  • The Actual Heating System – Radiators and Pipes
  • The Boiler – Fuelled by LPG
  • The LPG Storage Tank

For many UK homeowners who live in remote locations, LPG heating is the preferred solution, as it is cheaper to run than an oil fuelled system, and with a reliable third party to deliver the LPG when required, the system is every bit as efficient as a natural gas heating system.

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