A Clean Neighbourhood with Proper Waste Management


Most neighbourhoods work with a waste management company to have trash picked up on a regular basis. The average pickup time is twice a week. Residents must learn the rules of the company, however. You may not be able to throw out anything you want or as much as you want.

Amount of Trash

You may be doing a home project or renovation and end up with a ton of garbage. However, your neighbourhood garbage company may not pick up the debris from your project. If you are not aware of the rules, you may wake up to a pile of trash leftover after the service has moved on. There is likely one day that is designated for heavy trash, this may be weekly or monthly. Even with a heavy trash day, there may be limitations on how much the service can take. You may need to hire a skip for large projects or haul away your own trash.

  • Learn the rules for large amounts of trash
  • Some items may need to be laid out properly (tree branches may need to be tied up)
  • Heavy trash may only be once a week or once a month

The Schedule

There are usually two trash days each week in a neighbourhood. You can learn about your trash day schedule with local waste management in Weston Super Mare. Be sure to find out when they come and how much trash they can take in one day. This may be limited to a certain number of bags. If you often exceed this or need trash taken more often, you may need to find a place to take your own garbage. Follow the rules of the waste company to keep your neighbourhood clean.

Trash pickup is a necessity for all homes. Sometimes, the neighbourhood includes it in annual fees. Other times, homeowners must pay for it themselves. This service is a great help when it comes to making the neighbourhood beautiful.

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