Call a Professional for Repairs on Your Laundry Equipment


Some things around the house are easy to fix on your own but when you are dealing with mechanical or electrical issues with your washer or dryer, you don’t have a lot of time to toy around with the machines before laundry begins to pile up.

However, when you call a professional, repairs are generally quick. With a repair service, you can often expect the following:

  • Free estimates
  • No call-out charges
  • Guaranteed work
  • Genuine replacement parts
  • Emergency repair

Repairs for Major Brands

Different homes are going to have different types of machines but expert washing machine repair services in Newcastle typically cover the major brands. If you own a more obscure type of machine, however, don’t hesitate to ask your technicians. If there is no call-out charge, you can have them visit the property and look at your machine.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Expert washer and dryer repair technicians are available 24 hours a day to repair your machines in the event of an emergency.

If the issue is urgent, you won’t necessarily have to wait until the next morning to have your equipment repaired. As experts, your technicians will be able to repair any type of issue, including:

  • Electrical issues
  • Mechanical malfunctions
  • Plumbing
  • Efficiency issues

Whether your appliances don’t seem to be working properly or aren’t working at all, you can resolve issues quickly when you call a professional repair technician who will be able to diagnose issues and determine the most appropriate route of repair.



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