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The options for residential roofing have expanded and improved. Selecting the right type for your climate is crucial is assuring it will have the longest lifetime possible. When considering shingles, most people tend to look at asphalt shingles because of their price and endurance. Wood shingles offer durability and an aesthetically pleasing element which many homeowners desire. Selecting the right type of wood tile, cedar wood. Clay tile roofing also has desirable characteristics like fireproof, fade proof, and will not rot in a wet climate. Both clay tiles and concrete tiles are suitable for any climate and can withstand in several weather, from snow to rain to wind. All these roofing  natures , types are considered by Tetto Color and becomes the leading roofing sheets manufacturers throughout the cities .

Tetto Color provides Color Coated Roofing Sheets and a also offers very favorable color roofing sheets price which come in various colors depending upon the choice and use. These sheets are available in various colors like poppy red, moorland green, goose-wing grey or solvent blue. These contrasting colors of these sheets help to provide optimum light reflectivity with their good brightness. These Sheets are highly durable roofing sheets which have high quality color coating throughout the roof or cladding. The thickness of coating depends on the weather conditions and its use.

Metal roofs are becoming a popular trend in residential roofing. Mostly designed for either flat or steep rooflines, metal roofing can last a lifetime, are practically maintenance free, energy efficient, and extremely safe in harsh weather. Metal roofing is versatile in design. Standing seam metal roofing gives you clean, sleek lines and enhances weather resistance. Construction time and labor cost can get reduced by the installation of roof truss. This framework accounts for the shape of the roof and can be an important part of your roofing process. The attributes that need to be considered for commercial roofing are just as important as residential roofing. Often times, in search of the lowest price possible, many factors are overlooked in favor of low cost materials and it proves to be a mistake. For commercial buildings, the options for roofing are plenty: EPDM roofing, PVC roofing, and TPO roofing. EPDM roofing is a durable, synthetic rubber roofing membrane. Whether it is required for replacement or new construction, its weather resistance and long term performance prove to be a commodity. PVC roofing is a great long term solution for a roof that demands high performance. The customizable nature of PVC roofing is desirable when looking to incorporate different colors or a company logo into the roofing. TPO roofing is a great choice if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly option without discounting quality and strength.

When looking for help with your roofing needs and options, Tetto Color will be your partner in your search. With services like roofing and roofing CAD drawings, imagining your new roof just because much easier. Our Spectaculars will help you to create you the  Specification efficiently , effortlessly and accurately.

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