4 small ways diamond drilling makes contractors’ life less complicated


Diamond drilling is a form of core drilling with the use of a diamond drill bit attached to the rotary drill. These drills allow the formation of extremely precise holes through any substance as the diamond component of the drill bit is unbreakable. This technique of cutting precise holes during construction is called coring. Coring with diamond drill bits is considered in the highest regards as it is very quick end efficient and has several advantages over the conventional drilling methods. Diamond drilling is considered as an upgrade from the age-old methods to cut concrete sections or destroy the constructed property.

Diamond drilling is the holy grail for the coming of age contractors

When compared to alternatives like carbide drill bits it is often observed that diamond drill bits produce much heat during the drilling process and are kept cool with the use of water. But the carbide drill bits are unable to do the job on hard floors, wall tiles, and counter and cannot retain the sharp edge for a longer period. Also, the diamond drills can be used on several surfaces like concrete, masonry and natural stone which are otherwise difficult to drill through. Such versatility of the tool makes it useful in several processes like creating big openings for ducts or small holes for pipes, creating holes for placement or anchoring bolts or concrete sampling analysis.

  1. Increases the accuracy by several folds

The most beneficial aspect of using diamond drill bits while pursuing any project that it is the most accurate tool for drilling. It can drill holes of different sizes ranging from 10 mm to 600 mm. And in doing so it creates bare minimum debris and dust which is another positive as cleaner sites with no mess are a dream for every contractor.

  1. Does not create much noise

The most annoying sounds while any construction project is being commenced is the constant noise of drills that make you feel like your brain is being drilled and not the concrete. The problem serves to more serious than and extends further than your irritating neighbour getting his kitchen remodelled now and again. The heavy drilling noise is a major reason for the deafening of many people working as hired labour at construction sites. Such occupational hazards should be minimized as much as possible. The diamond drill bits provide an alternative to this problem as they do not produce as much noise as conventional drilling options.

  1. Quick and damage proof

The use of diamond drilling is preferred by contactors as it saves on the most important resource i.e. time. It is a speedy process and gets the job done in much less time when compared to other drilling counterparts. The diamond drill is also damage-proof as it does not cause any cracks or chips in the materials that are being drilled. This is a technique that will help you avoid the cost of repairing and maintenance in the near future because there won’t be any cracks to tend to.

  1. Extremely versatile tool

As mentioned above the diamond drills can cut through almost any type of surface and hence it is the most versatile tool in the construction business. Added to that it is portable and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around with to any location. It is also considered to be extremely versatile because it can drill apertures holes in underwater surfaces and even in the most confined and remote spaces.

These factors may seem trivial but play an important role in increasing efficiency

Such aspects like saving on time or noise reduction may seem trivial at the moment but cannot be overlooked in the long run and the use of diamond drilling instead of conventional types of drilling options can be a potential saviour. It immensely helps the contactors to use diamond drill bits for accurate and hassle-free drilling job and the results impress everyone!

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