3 Tips For Finding Design Inspiration For Your Home Renovation


Unless you have a very particular and opinionated design style all on your own, you’re likely going to want to seek out a little inspiration before you begin doing a remodel or renovation within your home. By doing this, you can learn what you really like and what designs, colors, textures, and features work well together while also avoiding the things that won’t look good.

So to help you in gaining this knowledge prior to getting started on your project, here are three tips for finding some design inspiration before you and your home renovation contractor get started on your home improvement projects.

Check Out The Right Apps and Websites

With so much design inspiration available through the Internet, it can be hard to filter through everything that you can see in order to really uncover what it is you want and how you can get it. Because of this, it’s important that you’re able to find the right apps or websites to use to help you pinpoint your own design aesthetic.

According to Kate Reggev, a contributor to Dwell.com, platforms like Hometalk do a great job of gearing their advice and inspiration toward people who want to take on their design projects themselves but are lacking in experience and direction. With guides and information from people with all kinds of design experience and backgrounds, you’ll easily be able to find something that fits what you’re looking for on platforms such as this.

Create A Vision Board

Once you’ve been able to see some images of things that you like and want to incorporate into the design or the style of the room you’ll be renovating, you should then gather everything together and create a vision board filled with all your best ideas and intentions.

By doing this, Tara Mastroeni, a contributor to Freshome.com, shares that you’ll have something that you can refer back to whenever you need to simplify your design or find some additional inspiration for elements that you hadn’t thought about before.

Try To Avoid Trends

As you put together your inspiration for your new rooms, one thing Decorilla advises is that you try to avoid going with any kind of design or theme that’s too trendy.

If you find that you just love a design trend that’s fresh on the scene, try to incorporate it into the smaller elements of your space. This way, things that are bigger and more expensive, like pieces of furniture, will have a more timeless feel and the smaller, more interchangeable parts of your design will be trendy items that you can switch in and out as more inspiration strikes you.

If you’re needing some help with design inspiration for your home renovation or remodel, consider using the tips mentioned above to assist you with this.


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