3 Things To Uncover About Your New Home Before You Start Decorating


When you move into a new home, it’s natural to want to immediately start making the home feel like yours by decorating to your taste. However, if you jump into making changes and decorating too quickly, you could cover up issues with the home that you may not have noticed at first. This could result in you having large maintenance costs or camouflaging issues that needed to be addressed.

To keep this from happening to you, here are three things to uncover about your new home before you start decorating. 

Make Sure Everything Is Safe Before You Start

Even if you had a home inspection, there may have been things that got missed. So prior to making any changes or doing any real decorating, you’ll want to give your home a good once-over to ensure that everything is safe.

Not only should you check things in the interior of the home like the electrical components if you’re planning on doing things like dimmer switches, but you should also check all around the home as well. If there are any issues with the foundation of the home and repairs that need to be made, it’s better to get those things taken care of first before you worry about more cosmetic fixes. 

Inspect The Paint

When you’re ready to start focusing more of your attention on the decor for the inside of the home, you should start with the basics, like the walls. 

As you look at the walls, see how well the paint has held up and if adding a few new coats of paint might be something you’ll want to do. Taking care of this type of work before you move all of your belongings into the house and get everything set up will make the task of painting much easier to accomplish. And since paint can change the whole look of a space for a reasonable price, this is a good place to start when redecorating a house. 

What Do You Currently Have That Won’t Work

When moving from one home to another, most people will take the bulk of their belongings with them into their new home. However, in some situations, the belongings and furnishing that you had before might not work in your new home. So before you go through the trouble of moving everything, take a look at your new home and your old furnishing and see what will work and what won’t. This can make the whole decorating process much easier, since you’ll know what you’re adding from your previous home and what new pieces you might need to get over time to pull all of your decor together. 

If you’re ready to move into a new home and start decorating, consider taking care of the things mentioned above first to get off on the right foot. 

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